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B.5.d  Shop safety standards.  The theatre labs and work areas are where much of the production (read: “action”) of shows takes place.  They include the costume, make-up, scenic, drafting, and paint shops, the stages, the storage areas, offices, and the many other miscellaneous spaces the Theatre Department accesses.  As a general rule, don’t use any­thing you haven’t been trained and instructed to use; this goes for all our equipment, and in all spaces.  All students in Stagecraft will receive a safety lecture, and students in Production Practicum will be subjected to several grueling days of lectures introducing the safety rules.  These are not only for your own good (by helping to assure your safety), but they are required by State law, and they make the Technical Director feel a lot better.  Safety in the work place is essential; it is a fundamental responsibility of the theatre technician and University Theatre, and as such it’s a part of your tech theatre education at Seattle Pacific.

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