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B.5.e  Production meetings.  As you become a member of the production team, you will undoubtedly attend a number of sessions called Production Meetings.  You should carefully prepare yourself not only to thoughfully represent your production area, but also with an understanding of the direction of the production.  Reading the script is a great beginning, and attending a rehearsal or two can be beneficial as well.  No amount of talk in the meeting can be a substitute for experiences, and much that is said will make little sense without them.

Production meetings bring together the director, production manager, stage manager, designers, technical director, properties master, house manager, promotion director, and at times a crew chief or two.  The production manager or producing director is usually in charge of the agenda and the focus of the meeting.

Production meetings are held weekly, on Thursday, at 1:00 PM, or as announced. The meeting place is the Upper Room behind the control booth.

The function of the production meeting is threefold:

1) to distribute artistic information efficiently;
2) to provide a forum for the production team to raise questions and compare understandings; and
3) to pinpoint potential problems.  As a part of the production team or crew, however, you must distinguish carefully between problems and matters of interpretation.

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