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B.5.h  Complimentary ticket policy 

Comp tickets are a part of most theatre management patterns. It’s called “papering the house” and it raises an ethical question of equitable treatment of persons when a patron paying for the production is seated next to someone seeing the same play for free. 

Still, there are certain advantages to complimentary tickets.

1) They serve as “thank-yous” in recognition of donated services not otherwise affordable,
2) they are often useful in wooing people to financially or otherwise support your program,
3) and they serve to inform and educate people about your work who may have some influence over the direction it will go.

We also recognize the importance of “professional courtesy passes” which may be authorized only by the director of a production or by the production manager of the University Theatre.  These passes are extended to individuals who are theatre professionals, and are justified by criterion three from the above listing.

The comp pattern of University Theatre is as follows:


Division of Fine and Performing Arts (DFPA) full or adjunct faculty and staff are entitled to 2 comp tickets for the First Weekend run of a production. These tickets are subject to availability, and must be reserved by contacting the Box Office 24 hours in advance. Once comp tickets are reserved they are considered paid for and are held past curtain time. No comp tickets may be secured on a walk-in basis the evening of a performance.


Guest comps are tickets requested for friends and guests of the Chair, Director of the production, theatre faculty members, or guest artists involved in the production.


Courtesy tickets are tickets made available to theatre professionals such as reviewers, adjudicators, artistic directors, directors, designers, actors, and other theatre artists and technicians. These tickets should be requested through the Theatre Chair and Production Manager.


There are NO COMPS AVAILABLE. However, cast and crew members are able to invite 1 guest for the Preview performance only.

ACCEPTED MAJORS AND MINORS not involved in the current production are invited to the Preview performance.


Theatre Alums may request one complimentary ticket for any night of the run based upon availability or first come, first served basis.

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