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D. Scholarships

 It’s regrettable that this section of the handbook is so slim, but its importance to you and your colleagues demands that the subject be given a proper highlighting by appearing in its own section. 

  Seattle Pacific attempts to meet the financial need of its undergraduate students through a combination package of scholarships, grants, loans and employment opportunities.  Obviously the typical student’s attention is focused immediately on scholarships and grants, since they require no payback or exchange of labor. 

  Scholarships are distinctive among student financial aid considerations in that they bear an honorific connotation as well as remuneration.  The recipient is deemed exceptional in scholarship, personal attributes, and talent; enough so that special recognition is made by assigning funding to the continuing education of the individual as an investment in a promising future.  In many ways the honor of a scholarship award is as important as the financial grant itself. 

  In the case of Theatre, the department has the privilege of supervising two discrete kinds of scholarships:

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