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University Players Scholarships have somewhat different attributes.  While they are awarded through the audition process, they are extended to the recipients in exchange for service rendered to the university.

The “University Players” is the touring theatre ensemble of the Department of Theatre, and performs material especially created or selected to be presented in schools, churches, and other venues important to the university in promoting its interests.  The group has traditionally been composed of six performers with the addition, in recent years, of a sound technician.  The ensemble tours without extensive encumbrance of scenery or lighting support, and rehearses its material to be highly adaptable to the available performance space.

The group serves several goals of the institution, including those of education, ministry, and university promotion.  The educational goals are directed by the Department of Theatre through the preparation of performers and material for presentation.  The director of the ensemble is normally assigned a Faculty contract commensurate with these responsibilities.  The group is the primary source for training in the touring of plays (as well as ensemble script writing) offered by the Department of Theatre.  University Theatre’s con­cern with the use of theatrical art for the purposes of audience education and insightful ministry is reflected by the repertoire of the group, one which focuses on social and personal issues viewed through the filter of Christian thought.  The university finds the ensemble useful for making visible those same elements of its mission—education and ministry—and for attracting potential students and other support.

The  responsibilities of the recipients of the University Players Scholarships include

1) the development of one or two flexible touring productions, usually based on original ensem­ble-created scripts,

2) performances of these productions thirty-five to fifty times during the academic years in schools and churches ranging across the Northwest and other parts of the nation,

3) oftentimes, the creation and teaching of specialized work­shops for high school students, and

4) serving as “ambassadors” for the university in meeting its publics and recruiting potential students.

The University Players personnel—and scholarship recipients—are selected by audition in the Spring quarter prior to their year of service.  The auditions and associated interviews determine not only the acting talent of the individual, but also place a strong emphasis on other needful qualities, including

1) the apparent ability of the candidate to create and relate to ensemble,

2) the candidate’s performance ability in the bright, highly theatrical style of the Player’s productions,

3) special skills, including singing and movement,

4) an engaging and mature personality,

5) a disciplined imagination,

6) scholarship skills which will allow the missing of classes for the purposes of touring,

7) outstanding physical stamina, and, of great importance,

8) a thoughtful and contagious Christian testimony.

Selection of the University Players personnel is made by the ensemble’s director in consultation with members of the Theatre Faculty and, when possible, past directors of the group.  Usually other units of the institution such as University Communications are involved in final confirmation.  It is not necessary to be a Theatre major to receive one of these scholarships, and currently there is no limit on renew ability except casting.  By necessity, these scholarships are not available to entering Freshmen or transfer students.

Members of the University Players must continue full-time enrollment in the institution during the tenure of their service and maintain a grade point average of at least 2.50. 

For their services the performing members of the group are awarded scholarships in the amount of 40% tuition.  They may also receive one credit each quarter of TRE 2304/4304 University Players practicum.  Company members may not concurrently receive their Player’s scholarship and a Fine Arts Merit Scholarship.

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