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Endowed Theatre Scholarships

The four endowed scholarships are directed specifically to the support of declared Theatre majors or announced Intended majors who are pursuing their artistic gifts as a serious and intentional part of their future lives.

It is this form of scholarship offering which is in shortest supply.  We have worthy recipients a plenty.  Endowed scholarships distribute awards only from the annual interest on their monetary accumulation.  The size of the initial investment makes them of some difficulty to establish, but, it should be pointed out that continued contributions will increase the corpus amount.  The Department of Theatre has four of these honors to distribute:

  • The Jessica Reed Scholarship was established in 2009 by Robert and Jacqueline Garnett in honor of her aunt, Jessica Reed, who taught theatre arts and English in Yakima for 34 years.  Ms. Reed was also a gifted actress who loved and supported theatre arts in both Yakima and Seattle.  The scholarship is intended to support serious-minded and spiritually sensitive undergraduate students majoring in theatre who have the potential to best exemplify SPU's mission.
  • The Chela Causey Scholarship was established in 1989 for the continuing development of the theatre program on Seattle Pacific’s campus.  The scholarship was established by Chela Causey, a faithful member of our audience, who was born in Ecuador and moved to the United States in 1952 where she became a citizen in 1969.  She is a member of the Lakeview Free Methodist Church and has been active in volunteer efforts to promote the Seattle Opera and the Seattle Art Museum .  The scholarship derives from her life-long appreciation of the performing arts and the belief that they are an important way to communicate the gospel.
  • The William and Ida Mae Rearick Scholarship was initially endowed in 1992 to honor the Theatre Faculty of Seattle Pacific University.  Professor Emeritus Dr. Rearick, served at Seattle Pacific University from 1960 through 1991 by teaching in the disciplines of Education, English, and, occasionally, Theatre.  He was instrumental in nurturing the Department of Theatre through his various administrative roles as Dean of Academic Administration, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of Academic Development, Associate Dean of Continuing Studies, University Registrar and Director of Centennial Celebrations.  The Bill and Ida Mae Rearick’s belief in theatre as a source of artistic and spiritual growth for Christians is the foundation of this scholarship support for the training of theatre artists. 
  • The James and Joyce Chapman Scholarship was endowed in 2000 to honor the ongoing artistic work of the Seattle Pacific University Theatre Faculty and Staff and to recognize, encourage and support the preparation of outstanding Theatre students to fulfill the calling of their God-appointed artistic gifts. Both he and his wife were instrumental in the establishment of a Theatre program in 1961 and contributed considerable time and talent toward its success. He served as Chair until his retirement in 2000.  During his tenure, he developed a University theatre program that is recognized nationally as one of the leaders in Christian higher education, and was also a leading founding member of the Los Angeles Film Studies Program for the Council of Christian Colleges.  Mr. Chapman directed over 70 productions at SPU. James Chapman became Emeritus Professor of Theatre in 2000 after completing 39 years as a faculty member at Seattle Pacific University.

These scholarships are awarded annually during the Spring quarter for application during the previous academic year.  The Reed and Causey Scholarships may be awarded to either accepted or intended Theatre majors.  The Rearick Scholarship and Chapman Scholarships are restricted to accepted majors.  The recipients of these scholarships are selected through a majority decision of the Theatre Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of the Theatre Faculty and the Associate of marketing and Scholarships for the Fine and Performing Arts.

The awards are extended to individuals who strongly exhibit the following qualities:

1) A consistent and marked growth in artistry in one or more of the disciplines represented in the Theatre curriculum,

2) The capacity for continued development as a theatre artist and/or scholar,

3) Active and selfless involvement in the production program of the University Theatre,


4) A contagious Christian faith and a demonstrable growth in the ability to relate that faith to theatrical theory and practice.

In a case in which the awardee does not return to Seattle Pacific or fails to continue fulfillment of the scholarship criteria, the award may, by a Theatre Scholarship Committee  majority decision, be assigned to another Theatre student, under the conditions cited above and pro-rated to the academic quarters remaining in the academic year.

The Theatre Faculty reviews the criteria for the awarding of the scholarship annually and, by majority decision, adjust the criteria as deemed necessary.

These endowed scholarships are not related to the Fine Arts Merit Scholarships, and students may receive both concurrently.  Recipients are announced at the end of the academic year.

To be considered for one of these special awards you must

1) apply for a Theatre major by completing and returning to the Theatre Chair the form found in this handbook, or declare in writing that you intend to do so,

2) attain Sophomore status by the Autumn pre­ceding your application for these scholarships,

3) complete the Endowed Scholarships application found in section E. Forms of this handbook and return it to the Theatre Chair by the second week in March.

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