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Honor Role of Theatre Scholarship Recipients

The Department of Theatre is honored by its endowed scholarships.  Its desire is to generate a long line of awardees who will exhibit through their lives the attributes of successful Christian theatre artists.  It is grateful for the ongoing support of the caring persons who have contributed so generously to this cause.

The William and Ida Mae Rearick Theatre Scholarship

1993-1994                             Mark Oppenlander

1994-1995                                                         Candace Eyre

1995-1996                                                         Samuel Vance

Monica Hof

1997-1998                                                Esther Williamson

            Holly Venable

1998-1999                                                Sarah Frutchey

            Sonja Lowe

1999-2000                                               Reece Carson

            Sarah Frutchey

            Sonja Lowe

2000-2001                                              Lori Amondson

            May Marcinek

            Sarah Mosher

                                    2001-2002                           Lauren Markley

            Sarah Mosher

            Christy Whitley

                                    2002-2003                           Aubrey Bean

Marie Frederickson

            Hillary Amos

2003-2004                                                        Aubrey Bean

            Tammy Lykins

            James Oestreich

            Thaddeus Shafer

                                    2004-2005                           Charissa Huff

                                                                                    Anne Jolley

                                                                                    Thaddeus Shafer

                                    2005-2006                           Lindsay Ritchie

            Kristina Volkman

                                                                                    Sarah Ware

2006-2007                                                      Kristina Volkman

Stephen Bauman

Benjamin Stuart

2007-2008                                                      Stephen Bauman

Elizabeth Kent

David Roby

2008-2009                                                      Bethany Coats

                                                Ruth Eitemiller

Elizabeth Kent

Melissa Warren

2009-2010                                                      Chelsea Humphrey

                                                Michael Simon

Molly Tellers

Ben Wynant

The Chela Causey Theatre Scholarship                    

1993-1994                                               Daniel Flint

1994-1995                                               Nathan Hedman

1995-1996                                               Jeffrey Reinmuth

1996-1997                                               Holly Venable

1997-1998                                               Ryan Hagglund

1998-1999                                   Rebecca Pesicka Swanson

1999-2000                                              Lori Amondson

2000-2001                           Reece Carson

2001-2002                           Scott Klauber

2002-2003                           Eric Hoff

2003-2004                           Stacey Smith

2004-2005                           Scott Gorham

2005-2006                           Bonnie Prather

                                    2006-2007                           Bonnie Prather

                                    2007-2008                           BryAnna Schimon

                                    2008-2009                           Anna Marie Milgate

                                    2009-2010                           Brian Prunty

The James and Joyce Chapman Theatre Scholarship

                                    2001-2002                           Cyndy Kurtz

                                    2002-2003                           Cyndy Kurtz

                                    2003-2004                           Karen Springs

                                    2004-2005                           Amanda Noury

                                                                                    Cora Winkelbauer

                                    2005-2006                           Anne Jolley

                                                                                    Cora Winkelbauer

2006-2007                                                       Kate Jordan

Dustin Morache                   

2007-2008                                                       Ruth Eitemiller

Benjamin Stuart

2008-2009                                                       Benjamin Stuart

Ben Wynant

2009-2010                                                       Bethany Coats

Ruth Eitemiller

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