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• Educational Goals • 

To vitally and constructively contribute to the intellectual discussion, spiritual development, and community awareness of the Seattle Pacific University constituencies. 

To serve as a theatre production laboratory, providing controlled experience for the performance and technical training of Theatre majors and other interested and qualified persons, such training requiring an exposure to a wide variety of theatrical styles and an acceptance of a reasonable balance of artistic risk. 

To contribute to the development of artistic sensibility and theatrical sophistication within the various Seattle Pacific constituencies.

To model and advance the cause of a Christian perspective of theatrical art which comments on the human experience as spiritual journey,
reflects the goodness of creation, approves willful moral ascendancy,
and embraces other-centered community.

• Availability of Resources •

• Human •

• Anticipated number of student technicians and performers

• Appropriate skills of student technicians and performers

• Availability of committed artistic leadership

• Artistic sophistication of potential audience

• Physical •

• Limitations of space and production equipment

• Complexity of needed sets, costumes, lighting, and other production elements

• Financial •

• Balance of season to attract sufficient customers to cover expenses 


• Sufficient time between productions for rehearsal and construction

• Balance of production styles with past and future seasons.

• Sharing space with other programming

• Theme-related seasons

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