Praxis Nursing: Spring 2014

The Heart of a Missionary: Jill Hanson Flatt, BSN ’89

Jill Hanson Flatt

Jill Hanson Flatt, BSN ’89 recently met with nursing students at Seattle Pacific University to share some of her experiences as a missionary nurse ― and her relentless love for Bangladesh. The students listening to her talk were fixated on the details she shared with them:

God planted the seed of love for Bangladesh in her heart when she was given the assignment of writing a report on the country in junior high. She read all she could and learned of the hurting country and the need for prayer. It was right then at the age of 12 that she committed herself to pray every day for the country of Bangladesh and has followed through with that commitment to this day.

Upon graduation from high school, Jill began attending SPU. “It was there that I prepared academically and spiritually for missionary nursing,” she says. “A vision had formed of a ministry of feeding the hungry, healing the sick and telling people of the coming kingdom of God.” Her dream was to start a medical clinic in Bangladesh.

Through a series of events including overcoming time, financial, and even medical obstacles, Jill went on a Seattle Pacific Reachout International trip to Thailand, India, and Pakistan. The SPRINT trip was full of challenges, but she was spurred on by the knowledge that she would visit her beloved Bangladesh at the end of the trip.

Once there, she made contact with SPU alumna Rebecca Davey, BSN ’57, a missionary nurse at the Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh since 1962. Rebecca served as a role model and mentor for Jill, who deepened her love and desire to serve the people of Bangladesh.

After graduating from SPU, Jill returned to Bangladesh to help start the medical clinic at the International Needs Savar Children’s Village. Jill’s adventures were harrowing, thrilling, and above all, honoring to God.

Read more about Jill’s experiences in her book, In Love With Bangladesh: The Heart of a Missionary is an inspiring read.