Admission Questions and Answers - FAQ's

Q:  When is the nursing application due?

A:  January 15 by 4pm.  If the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the application must be received by 4pm the Friday before.  Transfer student applications to SPU are also due January 15 by 4pm in the Office of Admissions if applying for direct transfer into the nursing program..


Q:  When would I hear if I am admitted?

A:  We strive to notify all applicants before spring quarter begins in early April.


Q:  Do I need to complete all 9 prerequisite courses before I apply?

A:  No.  Acceptance into the nursing program is contingent on completion of the prerequisite courses by the end of the Spring Quarter of the year prior to beginning the nursing courses.  Four prerequisite courses must be completed by the time of application.

Q:  What if my prerequisite grade point average for the nursing prerequisite courses

is lower than 2.75?

A:  If your prerequisite GPA is below 2.75 you are not eligible to apply.  The preferred GPA in these courses is 3.0 or above (2.75 minimum) with no course less than a "C" grade (anything less than 2.0 is not acceptable).  Attainment of the preferred GPA standards does not guarantee admission to the nursing major, as the total number of admissions may be limited by capacity.  If you are a transfer student you must have a 3.5 or higher GPA in the nursing prerequisite courses.


Q:  How many letters of recommendation do I need?

A:  One professional recommendation letter is required of applicants to the pre-licensure nursing program.  You may find a link to the required recommendation form on the Undergraduate Nursing Program website.  The recommendation must be in a sealed envelope when received by the school.


Q:  Where do I find the course equivalency guide for courses taken outside of SPU?

A:  The course equivalency guide is located on the SPU Student Academic Services webpage.  From the SPU homepage, simply type in "SAS" in the search window and the equivalency guide is listed under the general resources menu.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to insert the state (or country) and then school to obtain the needed information.  Here is a link to the site: Transfer Course Equivalency Guide.


Q: How much does nursing school cost other than tuition? 

A:  See the SPU Undergraduate Catalog under School of Health Sciences for further details regarding nursing costs and fees.


Q: Is there a specific format I need to follow for the essays?

A:  Yes.  The essays should be typewritten in a 12 point font and double spaced.  Include your name on each page of the essay.  Reviewers will be looking at the essay for depth and analysis of life experience as it relates to nursing.


Q:  How can I make myself a better candidate for admission?

A:  Get involved in your community.  Volunteer, work, or leadership experience is highly recommended.

  • The essay questions are designed to give reviewers a glimpse into who you are as an applicant.  Take time to proofread your essays and allow others to give you feedback.  Reviewers will be looking at the essays for depth and analysis of life experience as it relates to nursing.
  • Successfully complete the nursing prerequisite courses.  The GPA calculator is required as part of the nursing application and will only reflect the grades in the nursing prerequisite Courses.  SPU students are required to have a minimum 2.75 GPA in the nursing prerequisite courses; however the competitive applicant will generally have at least a 3.0.  Transfer students are required to have a minimum 3.50 GPA for the nursing prerequisite courses.
  • Your professional recommendation should be from someone who can really speak to your professional capabilities.

Q:  Which is more valuable - volunteer or work experience?

A:  Volunteer and work experience are equally valuable.


Q:  Does my volunteer or work experience have to be in healthcare?

A:  No


Q:  Do I need certified nursing assistant certification before I apply?

A:  No.  Having a nursing assistant certification gives you the benefit of understanding some of the basic physical care that is involved in nursing.  Likewise, working as a nursing assistant will give you valuable work experience.  However, this is not required for admission to our program.


Q: I took AP courses in high school - will these courses count for prerequisite courses?

A:  AP courses are acceptable only if those courses are accepted by the university as equivalent to the specific prerequisite courses required for admission to our program.  Staff in Undergraduate Admissions can assist you with this process.  An AP score, if used for a prerequisite course, will count as having completed the course, but no grade will be used for the prerequisite calculator, therefore it will not add to or subtract from your prerequisite GPA.


Q:  Should I keep my books from my prerequisite courses?

A:  Current and former students have found the nursing prerequisite courses textbooks helpful in the nursing program.


Q:  Can I apply to the nursing program if I have never taken classes at SPU?

A:  Yes.  Transfer students must have a nursing prerequisite course GPA of 3.5 or higher to be eligible to apply.  Please apply to the university with the Common Application as well as to the nursing program.  We recommend that students who have never taken classes at SPU complete an Associate Degree (DTA) prior to application to the nursing program.  A small number of transfer applicants will be offered admission to the nursing program.


Q:  Does SPU have a fast track to Master's program?

A:  No


Q.  How many courses do I need to take at SPU to be considered an SPU student?

A:  Once you have completed 1 course at SPU you are considered an SPU student.  Please note that preference is given to students who have completed more credits at SPU.