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As SPU's Health Services, we are the immunization and health records keeper for all of campus, including the School of Health Sciences. To maintain confidentiality, we are separate from the School of Health Sciences in Watson Hall.  It is our job to complete/maintain your health file per Clinical site contracts and HIPAA. Most of you have turned immunizations and health records into our department as an incoming SPU student (i.e. Freshman year). Therefore, you may be more complete with the Health paperwork than you realize.

HINT: Make an appointment (206.281.2231) to find out what we already have on you. Nurse Consults for immunizations are free and fast. Don't do more work than you have to!

The following must be submitted to Health Services in Watson Hall prior to attending Clinicals. Our contracts with the local agencies require it. We, along with some agencies, base our requirements on CDC’s Recommendations for Healthcare Workers. The North Puget Sound Clinical Placement Consortium ultimately decides the requirements and in order to be in Clinicals their requirements must be met by all students/faculty. If you are doing a series (i.e. Hepatitis A or B), you can be in Clinicals while you are doing the series. However, when the next shot is due you are responsible to submit it. Anything that is not a series (i.e. Annual Tb Skin Tests) must be completed prior to the quarter starting.

The following information is also provided in your Health Sciences Packet. In order to protect your health history, the following needs to be submitted directly to Health Services. (Please do not turn in any of our forms to the School of Health Sciences and/or any professors.) Health Services does provide services to fulfill every requirement at a minimal cost. Please call (206) 281-2231 for an appointment. Refer to our Costs and Insurance Page for costs. Keep in mind, anything done in the Health Center is automatically added to your Nursing chart in Health Services.

  1. Release of Information. You need to sign so we can tell School of Health Sciences that you are either complete, temporarily complete or out of compliance. We also occasionally release your immunization records to your Clinical agencies and to you as needed throughout the program.

  2. Color Blindness Test is required of both genders. If your Healthcare provider cannot do this, Health Services can do it for free.
  3. Two-Step TB testing is also required. Documentation of two TB test 1-3 weeks apart or yearly tests (two within 12 months) are required. The two-step process means obtaining the skin test, getting it read 48-72 hours later, waiting 1-3 weeks, getting it again, and having it read a second time. If previous positive PPD (a documented test showing 12mm or more), documentation of CXR results and INH treatment required. An annual Tb Symptom Checker is also required for people with Positive Tb Test history (see below for form). You have the option of doing the QuantiFeron Gold blood test instead.

  4. SPU Medical History Record. New SPU students (see SPU Acceptance Packet) need to fill out this self-report. Undergraduate students that have filled the form out with the last three years (i.e. Freshman year) are exempt from this requirement. No Healthcare Provider signature is required. But we do ask for a copy of your Health Insurance card- front and back.
  5. Student Immunization Record. Documentation can be provided in a number of ways:

    The following is required by the Clinical Agencies:


     Routine booster within 10 years
     Adult Tdap required once

    MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
     Proof of vaccination (2 doses) OR
     Proof of immunity by titers (Rubeola, Mumps and Rubella). Must include copy of lab report

    VARICELLA (Chicken Pox)
     Proof of vaccination (2 doses) OR
     Proof of immunity by titer. Must include copy of lab report
     History of Disease is NOT acceptable.

     Proof of vaccination (2 doses)
     If Twinrix (combination of Hep A and Hep B), must have 3 doses of Twinrix with no substitutions.

     Proof of immunity by vaccination (3 doses) and a positive Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (Anti-HBs, HBsAB) titer 6-8 week post-vaccination.
     If no titer done at 8 weeks post vaccination, must do one more challenge dose and repeat the titer. If still negative, finish vaccine series (for total of 6 shots all together) and titer.
     Student will be considered a non-responder to vaccination after 2 complete vaccine series and negative titers.
     If no available vaccine dates, must obtain the Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (Anti-HBs, HBsAB) titer to prove immunity.

     Annual Tuberculous (TB) status is required. Depending on your past status and testing there are different options.

    Option 1: Initial Two-Step Skin Test

    This entails (1) receive the test, (2) return 48-72 hours later for reading, (3) wait 1-3 weeks, (4) repeat steps 1 & 2.

    If no history or more than 12 months since last Tb Skin Test → 2 step Tb Skin Test required

    Option 2: Annual Skin Test

    If negative TB Test within 12 months → one step Tb Skin Test (for a total of 2 within 12 months)

    Option 3: QuantiFeron Gold (QFT) Blood Test

    Annual QFT is acceptable in lieu of Tb Skin Test. Like Tb Test, must be within 12 months and be negative

    Option 4: History of Positive Tb Skin Test or QuantiFeron Gold (QFT) Blood Test
    If History of Positive Tb Skin Test, submit the following:
     Date of Positive Tb with induration (mm)
     Proof of chest x-ray
     Complete Symptom Check Sheet (contact Health Services for form)

    If new positive TB → Follow-up by healthcare provider. Must complete treatment as recommended
     If history of BCG vaccine → TST Skin Testing or QFT as above. If negative → OK; If positive → follow up as above.



Please keep in mind- you will be temporarily complete while waiting to complete immunization series. Although, It is completely up to you to turn in the shots when completed. You will not be allowed to continue Clinicals if you are out of compliance. Put it on your calendar.


SPU Health Services provides everything required at a reduced fee. Simply call 206.281.2231 and make an appointment. We do not bill insurance, except for the labs. However, we can provide you a receipt (upon request) that you can submit for reimbursement from your insurance company.


  Cost Comments
Immunization Consult FREE Find out what is already turned in as an incoming student or find out what exactly you need to complete your file.
Color Blind Test FREE If unavailable at your PCP's office, it is available here for free.
MMR $70  
Measles (Rubeola) Titer $20 If you do not have record of your 2 MMRs. You need all 3 parts. This can be billed to your insurance, however the cost to you will be whatever agreement you have with your insurance company.
Mumps Titer $20 If you do not have record of your 2 MMRs. You need all 3 parts. This can be billed to your insurance, however the cost to you will be whatever agreement you have with your insurance company.
Rubella Titer $11 If you do not have record of your 2 MMRs. You need all 3 parts. This can be billed to your insurance, however the cost to you will be whatever agreement you have with your insurance company.
Tdap $55 Must have one Adult dose of Pertussis (Tdap). And a Tdap or Td within 10 years.
Tb $10 each  
Hepatitis B $70  
Anti-HBs Titer $14 This can be billed to your insurance, however the cost to you will be whatever agreement you have with your insurance company.
Hepatitis A $85  
Varicella Titer $20 For people who have had Chicken Pox. If you have not had the disease, you will need the 2 immunizations, which are not available to Health Services. We can refer you to a clinic if needed. This can be billed to your insurance, however the cost to you will be whatever agreement you have with your insurance company.
Influenza Immunization TBD Needed for the current Influenza Season.


WA State Immunization Information System?

              SPU Health Services, along with many other Healthcare Providers in Washington State, participate in a state-wide database to keep track of immunizations. (Formally called Child Profile.) Check with your Healthcare Provider to see if they participate in the program, even if from another state. You may have shots entered that you do not realize. All immunizations administered or turned into Health Services automatically are entered in the system. You can ask for a copy at any time. For more information about the program, click here.


Downloadable Forms:
Nursing Student Immunization Form (PDF)
          Release of Information Form (PDF)

          Medical History Record (PDF)

          Positive Tb Symptom Checker (PDF)

Orientation Presentation:

          Health Sciences Orientation Presentation Powerpoint

Any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to email or call:

                                                                           Anne at (206) 281-2232, anne@spu.edu; or

                                                                           Jean at (206) 281-2583, jbrown@spu.edu


Start early!