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Off-Campus Programs

Centro Fray Luis de Leon at the University of Salamanca

Alberto Ferreiro, Coordinator, History Department, 206-281-2939, beto@spu.edu Spend 4, 6, or 8 weeks in Spain as part of this summer program in Language and History. There is also a History-Track only program available. This program is in collaboration with the University of Salamanca in Spain and approved by Seattle Pacific University. The language component allows students to study Spanish at their own level. The program also offers a rich opportunity for travel on weekends to Toledo, Segovia, Avila/Alba de Tormes, La Alberca, Madrid and Aveiro, Portugal; there are also concerts, art exhibits, and numerous historic sites. For full information on the Salamanca program go to www.centrofrayluis.com.

China Global Seminar (UCOR 2000 - The Emergence of the Modern Global System)

Zhiguo Ye, Coordinator, History Department, 206-281-2180, yez@spu.edu.
This global seminar section of UCOR 2000 will explore the world history of the East-West interaction from China's perspective. The course will cover key themes of UCOR2000: Systems of global interaction through ideas, religions, trade, technology, and wars. The three week program will visit many Chinese historic sites in Beijing and Wuhan, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and the Confucius TempleThere are also activities to help students immerse themselves into the local culture and life, such as visiting universities and Christian church, local food tasting, and theater performance. For full information on the China Global Seminar go to: http://studyabroad.spu.edu/

The Holocaust in Prague (An early fall program)

Rebecca Hughes, Coordinator, History Department, 206-281-2773, hughesr@spu.eduSpend three weeks exploring the Holocaust in and around Prague, a city rich in culture and history.  During this early fall course, you'll pass UNESCO World Heritage sites on your way to school, attend class in a 17th century palace and immerse into student life in one of Europe's most beautiful capitals.  Known for its stunning, well-preserved architecture, this Central European city stands as the major cultural and economic center of the Czech Republic.  Explore the city's dynamic history and witness the juxtaposition of traditional and modern as you delve into Holocaust studies in Prague. 

Course:  HIS 3366:  The Holocaust in Prague   5 credits

For full information go to: 



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