Questions About Participation - Employee Savings 403 (b)(7)

Who is eligible to participate in the savings plan?

All employees including regular faculty and staff, adjuncts, and temporary staff are eligible to participate in the employee savings plan.

How do I begin to participate in the plan?

There are two ways to enroll in the Employee Savings Plan – 403(b) -- either online or by phone.  You will need to make several decisions including:

  • the amount of your deferral election (amount of money you want to contribute monthly to your retirement via a payroll deduction),
  • your investment choices
  • selection of beneficiaries.

When you are ready to enroll, visit the Transamerica web site at  and follow the instructions to establish a password and access your account. From the welcome page, select “Begin your Plan of a Lifetime”, and enter your information.

Or call 800-755-5801, enter your Social Security number, follow the prompts for creating your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you need to speak with Customer Service please say “Speak to a counselor” at the voice prompt, and you will be connected.