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2008 Winning Grants

Winning Grants: 

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Thank you to all who participated in the 2008 SPU Teaching and Technology Grant competition.  The winning grants submissions are from 1) Pamela Harris and 2) Erla Champ-Gibson.

Inspiration Tool

Pamela Harris - School of Education

Inspiration® is a tool students can use to plan, research and complete school projects. The software allows students to integrated diagrams and outlines to create visual graphic organizers that help expand topics in reading and writing. Inspiration Software, Inc. has agreed to donate a site license to the School of Education for use on all faculty computers and one lab station. The Technology Grant will provide funding for faculty, pre-service teachers, pre-service school counselors, and graduate students in the School of Education to use the software for their own projects and for classroom use with K-12 students. Initially, software use will be within the School of Education; however, secondary goal is to provide training to all interested faculty and ongoing technical support for implementation in University courses.


ATI Online Skills Learning

Erla Champ-Gibson - School of Health Sciences

ATI is an on-line testing company that has recently started producing curriculum that assists nursing students in skill learning.  The current model of teaching students new skills at SPU is more teacher-centered in focus.  The students are assigned appropriate sections of their textbooks to read before class.  The day begins at 7:00 am with a large group demonstration (lecture and PowerPoint).  Then about 9:30 am the group breaks into smaller sections with another verbal review and more hands on practice.  Due to the size of the groups and limited time, students don’t get adequate time for hands on practice and feedback.  However it is expected that they would practice on their own.  This year we have implemented an official skill checkout time which involves knowledge of more than one skill for evaluation.


During the skills learning part of Spring Quarter, I integrated the ATI skills learning modules into the skill sections that I taught.  In working cooperatively with the company, I was able to provide extra opportunity for those who wanted to spend more time exploring the ATI skills modules.  The students who examined the modules provided great feedback which was consistent with how I planned to propose integrating this into the curriculum.


The plan is to integrate the use of these modules into the skill learning portion of our skills training curriculum.  This integration will move our curriculum from a teacher centered environment to a student centered focus.  The students will be responsible for preparing for the skill be taking the pre-test, reviewing the content and procedures for each skill, taking the post-test (passing), printing off a completion certificate which they will bring to the skills lab in order to practice with an instructor.  This aspect will replace the early morning large group demonstration time and allow more time for one-on-one student – teacher contact.


Funds from the ITS grant will be applied to the ATI on-line curriculum for the 2008-2009 school year for the junior nursing students.  This will need to be purchased before June 30, 2008 to receive the $50/student price ($2500).  The remainder of the grant funds ($2500) will be applied to the salary of a part time lab instructor during the 2008-2009 school year who will be available for students during evenings and weekends to practice and receive instructor feedback.


Special thanks to the grant application evaluation team:

CIS – Dave Tindall

CSFD – Susan Gallagher

SBE – Ryan LaBrie

SOE – Andrew Lumpe

And the grant sponsors:

Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development

Computer & Information Systems

Instructional Technology Services

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