Justice and Reconciliation Seattle Pacific University 1942
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  1. Densho Project: The Japanese American Legacy Project
  2. Japanese American National Museum
  3. University of Washington’s Camp Harmony Exhibit
  4. National Park: Minidoka Internment
  5. The National Archives has data on all the Japanese Americans that were incarcerated. http://www.archives.gov/aad/index.html.
  6. Japanese American Citizen League
  7. The Rafu Shimpo
  8. Nichi Bei Times: Northern California’s Oldest Japanese American Daily
  9. The North American Post

    Seattle PacificUniversity’s Magazine Response: Links to articles.

            “Dear Toshiko”
http://www.spu.edu/depts/uc/response/spring2k4/toshiko.html .

           Letters to the Editor

           “Readers Help Solve Mystery of Toshiko Senda’s Graduation”