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Partnership and Power
  April 18, 2018
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Perkins Perspective

JPC collaborates with Campus Ministries, both part of the Office of University Ministries, for holistic student development in the areas of worship, discipleship, and reconciliation

As I think back to my time as Student Liaison to Tent City 3, I have many memories and many joys to write about. I remember the 300 students that showed up on move-in day and sang in the chaos of building up Tent City 3’s temporary home. I remember standing behind the bookstore in a circle of Tent City residents laughing about Rocky Mountain oysters. I remember standing on the steps of the state capitol with hundreds of red-scarfed advocates shouting, “homelessness has got to go”.


I am confident to say that the hosting of Tent City 3 was very successful. Students showered Tent City 3 with love, and we made a step towards a response centered on advocacy and structural change. But what still lingered with me after the community meetings, when I would announce the events SPU was offering to Tent City 3, was the power I had in that room. I hoped for interactions that were reciprocal and conversational, with equal amounts of influence in decisionmaking between the university and Tent City 3. But it was like I was given an invisible podium that demanded time and attention. Being a representative from the university with the university’s agenda gave me a power that kept me comfortable and a safe distance from Tent City, but I think it also preserved the hierarchy between the housed and the not housed. I think that distance was also a way that Tent City 3 protected itself and its self-determination. This inequality of power kept the partnership between the camp and the university from reaching authentic mutuality.


Power disturbs relationship. How do we see power affecting the way we relate to our friends, classmates and coworkers? It’s painful to realize that the desire for power and for ease at the expense of others disrupts human connection. And so my question is, how do we go about disrupting these systems of power? Those with power, to not patronize and control, and those without to have strength keep surviving and fighting? The answer is anything but clear. Even though power always affected our relationship with Tent City 3, I think the hosting of Tent City also challenged the way we view ourselves as a university with power and reminded us to keep advocating for our neighbors. I learned from students, faculty, and advisors during my time as Student Liaison that we must advocate for each other, not just one time, but over and over and over again.


I encourage you to sign up for email updates from Washington Low Income Housing Alliance for ways you can use your vote to advocate for your neighbors, as well as events and information about housing and homelessness advocacy in Washington. http://wliha.org/


Emily Hansum

TC3 Student Liaison

Highlight of the Week: 2018 Perkins Lecture Series

Image description: A portrait of John Perkins is the center image, with text to the right reading: “The John M. Perkins Lecture Series: Faith, Race, and Evangelicalism.”
Image description: A portrait of John Perkins is the center image, with text to the right reading: “The John M. Perkins Lecture Series: Faith, Race, and Evangelicalism.”

Join us for the annual John M. Perkins Lecture Series, Tuesday, April 24th.

11:10 am, annual Lecture with John Perkins and Dr. Michael Emerson, First Free Methodist Church


1-2:30 pm, forum with Dr. Sandy Mayo, Dr. Bo Lim, and Dr. Michael Emerson, SPU Upper Gwinn Queen Anne Room

Current Events & Opportunities:

  • Spring Sign-ups for In Context
    Tuesdays, April 24-May 29, 3-4:30 pm, sign up by April 20th
    Join us through discovery, community, and engaging conversations, as we unpack and unveil some realities of race relations, its intersections and impact on our stories. If you are interested in being a facilitator, contact Carly here. In Context is a 6 week commitment.
  • Voices of Autism
    Saturday, April 21st, 1-5 pm, Nickerson Studios at Seattle Pacific University
    Please join us for our fourth annual Voices of Autism Community Outreach Event, Saturday, April 21, 1–5 p.m. The event is held in Nickerson Studios on the Seattle Pacific University campus (340 W. Nickerson Street, Seattle, Washington 98119). The venue is ADA accessible. Free and open to the public, Voices of Autism is appropriate for students.
  • Latreia Engagement Day
    Saturday, April 21st, 2018, 8:45 am-2:30 pm, Chaesty Greenspace
    The April 21st Engagement Day will be spent with Chaesty Greenspace. We will meet in the SUB gazebo room at 8:45 am for a pancake breakfast and to pack our lunches and we will head out at 9:30 am. Sign up here.
  • 2018 Perkins Lecture
    Series Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, Chapel Lecture, 11:10 am, FFMC & Dr. Emerson Lecture, 1:00-2:30 pm, Upper Gwinn Commons
    Join the Perkins Center for the annual Perkins Lecture Series. On Tuesday, April 24th, Dr. John Perkins will speak at Chapel alongside Dr. Michael Emerson, author of Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America. After Chapel, Dr. Emerson will participate in an interview with Dr. Bo Lim, SPU Chaplain, and Dr. Sandra Mayo, SPU Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  • For You Were Strangers
    Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, 5-7:30 pm, SPU Demaray Hall 150 SPU’s Political Union hosts “For You Were Strangers: Confronting Myths About Migration.” To educate about the misconceptions and fallacies plaguing migration policy in our country and empower challenge to these myths in their everyday conversations and actions. Featured speakers and panelists: Tahmina Martelly (World Relief), Dr. Sandra Mayo (SPU VP DEI), Dr. Ruth Ediger (SPU Prof), Ev Tustin (Hillside Church), and SPU Students Anastasia Kharitonova, Kek Biel and Caleb Encinas.
  • Apply to be a Student Leader
    Core team applications due May 4
    Come lead with us in the JPC! Are you interested in a ministry opportunity and learning experience that will engage you in community and cultural involvement, discipleshipm identity development, vocational call, listening, and exploring ideas around social change? Latreia, SPRINT, and Urban Involvement have core team positions open. For more information visit the JPC webpage here, and you can apply online here.

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