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Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment, ed. Kors (Oxford University Press)
Oxford encyclopedia of the Reformation
Analytic Bibliography of On-Line Neo-Latin Texts (Dana F. Sutton)
Bibliothek Goussen:  "The Goussen library collection is a specialist library for oriental church history. It contains prints in Western classical and modern languages, but predominantly prints in oriental languages such as Syrian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Arabic, Armenian and Georgian languages from the 16th to the 20th century (the focus is on the 18th and the 19th century)."
c18.net (Centre international d'étude du XVIIIe sciècle)
Calvini Opera Database:  contact Theology Librarian Steve Perisho or the SPU Reference Desk (under Ask a Librarian) for login information.
Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum:  "an up-to-date catalogue of all Latin texts . . . currently available online, making CSL a single, centralized resource for locating Latin literature on the internet.  In addition to serving as a gateway to texts on other sites, we are also actively working to expand the online corpus, providing hundreds of original Latin texts and translations."
Dictionnaire des journaux, 1600-1789, ed. Sgard, 2 vols. (Paris:  Universitas, 1991)
Digital Latin Library
French Revolution Digital Archive/Archives numériques de la Révolution française (Stanford University Libraries and the Bibliothèque nationale de France)
Katalog der Wolfenbütteler Luther-Drucke 1513 bis 1546
Early Modern Theology (Post-Reformation Digital Library, Hekman Library, Calvin Theological Seminary)
Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Collection, Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin
Medieval and Modern Thought Text Digitization Project (Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources)
Melanchthonis Opera Database:  contact Theology Librarian Steve Perisho or the SPU Reference Desk (under Ask a Librarian) for login information.
"Neue Literatur zur zwinglischen Reformation" (under "Bibliographien"):  the major serial bibliography of Zwinglian and Zwinglian-Reformation studies, from 1995.  For the years prior to that point, see the journal Zwingliana.
Parker Society - English Reformation (Early Modern Theology, Post-Reformation Digital Library, Hekman Library, Calvin Theological Seminary)
Post-Reformation Digital Library
Religious Movements Homepage Project @ the University of Virginia
Tout Voltaire (ARTFL):  a searchable version of "all of Voltaire's works apart from his correspondence, which can be searched separately, as part of the Electronic Enlightenment," plus a hand "Index of Voltaire texts and of people referred to in his works" keyed to the best critical editions.
Victorian Studies Bibliography:  continues the "Victorian bibliography for [year]" carried originally in Modern philology (Victorian bibliography for 1932-1956), then Victorian studies (Victorian bibliography for 1957-1999 (43:4 (Summer 2001)), and often cumulated in book form.  Sec. 3d is devoted to Religion.

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