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Mathematics Majors & Minors

Have you considered majoring in math, but are not sure what you could do with a degree in math?  See our Why Study Math page for information about careers in mathematics.

Majors in Mathematics
The mathematics department at Seattle Pacific University offers curricula leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

The B.A. degree in mathematics is designed to provide students with a good general background in mathematics.  Students majoring in mathematics can learn analytical skills which can be used in a wide variety of fields.  This option also provides an excellent background for for students interested in mathematics as a liberal arts major and for those who wish to teach mathematics at the secondary level.

The B.S. degree in mathematics is designed for students planning graduate work or professional careers in mathematics. 

The B.S. degree in applied mathematics is an interdisciplinary major designed for students interested in applications of mathematics in other fields.  In addition to completing coursework in mathematics, students must select a field of concentration in which mathematics is applied and complete coursework in both fields.

Students who plan to obtain elementary school (K-8) teaching certification and are interested in mathematics should major in Integrated Studies with a concentration in mathematics.

Mathematics Minor
Requirements for mathematics minor.


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