Multi-Ethnic Programs
3307 Third Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: 206-281-2598
Fax: 206-281-2333

Multi-Ethnic Programs

at Seattle Pacific University

MEP Mission:

To promote and support the exploration and development of racial and ethnic identity and cross-cultural engagement for all students through programs and events in collaboration with other departments across campus.



MEP supports the academic, social, and cultural adjustment and success of students from diverse backgrounds. MEP actively engages in developing student leaders, advising Catalyst and a number of intercultural clubs, and hosting Early Connections Orientation.



“At first, I was nervous about walking into the wrong classroom, or not being able to find my community here at SPU. But, by being involved in leadership, I was able to meet people, listen to other student’s stories, and experience great community.”   
- Thu Pham


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