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Winifred E. Weter Proposal Guidelines

The benefactor of the Weter Lecture Series, Professor Emeritus of Biology Ross Shaw, established this lectureship more than 35 years ago to celebrate and uphold the value and heritage of the liberal arts. Those values are embodied in the professional example of Dr. Winifred Weter, who for 40 years was a professor of classics at Seattle Pacific and a champion of the liberal arts.

Seattle Pacific University invites faculty to submit a preliminary outline of a proposal to the Office of the Provost. We will look for a topic that advances the field of knowledge of the speaker's discipline and promotes the interests of that specialty within the context of the evangelical Christian liberal arts university. The address will be presented in the following spring and will be published by the University in booklet form for distribution to the community. The recipient of the award will receive an honorarium and an engraved medallion.

Proposal guidelines formulated by the Faculty Status Committee are as follows:
  1. The proposal should give an indication that the main ideas of the lecture have been thought out already so that only an elaboration of them remains. The thesis of the lecture should be clearly stated in the proposal.
  2. The ideas to be presented should be original in content or in relation to each other--there must be novelty in content or insight.
  3. The lecture should not be a repetition of a previous paper or address by the proposer.
  4. The lecture should be a "showcase" for scholarship informed by a Christian worldview and for the value of the liberal arts as a whole, or for one of its disciplines in particular, to the community of Christian believers.
  5. The lecture should be appropriate for an audience of generally educated persons, yet should have insights, interpretations and perspectives of interest to listeners in the discipline of the proposer.
  6. The lecture may involve presentations in the lecturer's medium of expression.
Proposals (by way of the proposed outline), should be submitted to the Office of the Provost by posted due date. The Faculty Status Committee will serve as the board to review the proposals and make recommendation to the Provost.

Past Recipients