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General Education Steering Committee



GE Committee, 2010-2011


Documents from the April 7, 2011 Faculty Senate meeting:

GE Model Numbers

Facutly Senate Presentation


General Education Proposal

Submitted to UPEC by the GE Steering Committee

March 8, 2011


Recommended Revisions to the 2009-2010 GE Proposal

February 2011


General Education Forums:


Tuesday, February 15
3:30 pm
Library Seminar Room
Thursday, February 17
1:00 pm
Library Seminar Room
Wednesday, February 23
4:00 pm
Library Seminar Room
Thursday, February 24
9:00 am
Library Seminar Room




Bob Drovdahl, chair

Michelle Beauclair

Kathleen Braden

Bruce Congdon

Doug Downing

Mike Hamilton

Chris Henshaw

Katie Kresser

Steve Layman

Andrew Ryder

Elaine Scott

Cindy Price


Documents shared at Faculty Senate, October 7, 2010:

Issues & Faculty Input

Problems & Solutions

Faculty In-Service Feedback


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**To contact the General Education Steering Committee with questions, comments, or concerns, please email