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Standard Procedures for Faculty Recruitment

Standard Procedures for Faculty Recruitment, Advertising, Interviewing, and Hiring Expenditures


Method of Reimbursement

All charges for school advertising and interviewing (lodging, transportation, and meals) should be charged to the department or school's budget. Once all costs are known, the school will submit a budget change request (with documenting faculty recruitment expenses worksheet) for reimbursement to the office manager for academic affairs.

The Office of the President pays for the following:
  • Advertising (with The Chronicle of Higher Education and the CCCU)
  • Transportation (airline tickets and/or mileage)
  • Lodging
  • Moving expenses
The Office of the Provost pays for the following:
  • On-campus meals
  • Off-campus meals
    • breakfast and lunch for the candidate and interviewers
    • dinner for candidate only
The School or Department pays for the following:
  • Off-campus dinners for interviewers
  • Miscellaneous costs such as phone calls, mailings, and photocopying

Moving Expenses

The Faculty Handbook outlines the SPU policy on moving allowances. Based on this formula, the Office of the Provost determines the allowance and notes the amount in the offer letter.

When the school or department completes the PAF (Personnel Action form) for the new faculty member, the office manager for the Office of the Provost will complete the portion for the moving allowance and will attach an RFP (request for payment) for the amount of the moving allowance expensed to your budget, as well as a budget transfer. The office manager for the Office of the Provost will work with the president to complete the PAF and budget transfer form.


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