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Choosing a Major

Choosing a MajorChoosing a major doesn’t need to be scary or intimidating.
Help your student choose a suitable major with these
tips from SPU’s Center for Career and Calling.

Tip #1:  “Who are you?” is the starting point.

Parents understandably want their students to develop into productive adults who can support themselves. But starting with questions about the job market rather than about identity can be costly in the long run. Why? The job market is ever changing, and jobs in high demand this year may be in low demand when your student graduates. Plus, people who are genuinely interested in and passionate about their chosen field tend to be successful. We offer workshops, classes (GS2001, Major and Career Exploration), and individual appointments to help your student begin to answer the “identity” question.

Tip #2:  What classes or subjects do you like most?

Encourage your student to pay attention to the courses that they enjoy — most likely this indicates areas of true interest and would possibly be a good major choice as well.

Tip #3:  But what can you do with a major in that?

This is a common question asked by college students and their parents. We’ve compiled some resources that provide ideas about what people do with particular majors. Though not necessarily comprehensive, these list offer some starting points. And remember: People tend to follow their interests over a lifetime of career choices; the correlation between college major and ultimate career choice is often low.

Tip #4:  Try it out with an internship.

A great way for students to discover if they would like a particular field of work is to do an internship. SPU offers a comprehensive internship program to help. These days it’s important that students graduate with at least one internship experience — and preferably two.

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