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Ask In the Loop: Finding Churches?

By Deb Nondorf, minister of Christian community formation

Students at the SPU Church FairQuestion:

"How will my student find a church in the area?"

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SPU offers a church fair the first week of Autumn Quarter. The main focus of the fair is to connect new students with current students who attend services at area churches. That way, rides to and from churches can be arranged. This year, 17 churches were present.

In addition, University Ministries and the Center for Worship maintains a local church database that lists more than 300 churches in Seattle/King County. This list is updated each summer, and is searchable by denomination.

Student ministry coordinators (one on every floor in residence halls) have access to numerous resources to help students find a church.

Coming back to rides: Some local churches have vans that come to SPU's campus to transport students to and from church. And many SPU students engage in some "social networking": they share rides with one another to church.

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