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December 2010 | Volume 4, Issue 7

A Taste of SPU

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By Jeff Jordan
Dean of Student Life

There are five typical taste sensations we distinguish when eating: bitter, sour, salty, sweet, and savory. These different sensations also can represent most of our life experiences.

Your student has had a taste of college life this past quarter. Perhaps there's been the bitter flavor of a broken friendship, or the sour taste of confusion surrounding after-graduation plans. At the same time, there's likely been the sweet success of a good grade and an array of savory experiences that enriched life, both in and out of the classroom.

As you and your family gather this Christmas season, how should you make sense of your student's feast of experiences? Start by seasoning your time with understanding. Read more.

Parent to Parent: "Home for the Holidays"

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The student you dropped off at college in September may not be the same person who comes home for the holidays in December.

Your student will have enjoyed some newfound independence, followed unusual schedules, made new friends, and -- thanks to classes and professors and experiences with peers -- started questioning some of the ideas and routines he or she took for granted.

So how should parents approach these moments when their young adults reconnect with the familiarity of home?

In the Loop asked for advice from parents who have been through this transition before. Many of their answers overlapped, from "let them sleep" to "give them the car keys." Other insights were as different as the students and families involved.

Find out their advice for welcoming students home from college. And we'd love to know your tips. We'll add them to our growing list of insights.

In the Loop Recommends

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Two books published in 2010 cover ways to relate to students who are in college -- and to those getting ready for college: The iConnected Parent: Staying Close to Your Kids in College (and Beyond), by B.K. Hofer, focuses on the balance between using technology to stay close while allowing for the independence students seek; and I'm Going to College - Not You! Surviving the College Search with Your Child, edited by Jennifer Delahunty, gives guidance to families as they watch their students make college choices.

Read more at In the Loop online.

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Lunch With
President Eaton

SpacerPresident Eaton

Plan to join other parents at the President's Luncheon on January 22 and hear straight from SPU President Philip Eaton on "Christians in Exile -- And a Vibrant Vision for the Christian University." Part of SPU's Family Weekend activities, the luncheon is a popular occasion for reflection and dialog that includes a delicious menu prepared by campus chefs and a special performance by award-winning composer and musician Stephen Michael Newby. The cost is $20 per person. Contact 206-281-2586 for more information, and RSVP today.

Check This Out

Introducing the President's Circle
SPU has been blessed by many donors who've helped ensure a strong future for the University. As part of their legacy, a new recognition group has emerged called the President's Circle, which is comprised of alumni, friends, parents, parents of alumni, faculty, and staff who support academic programs and students by giving $1,000 or more per year. Members enjoy special benefits including invitations to on- and off-campus events, insider communications, and an annual gathering with SPU President Philip Eaton. As we near the end of 2010, this might make a wonderful option for your year-end giving. To learn more, email or call 206-281-2690.

Voluntary Insurance Programs
The GradGuard Renters Insurance program protects the property of students living in campus housing from fire, theft, vandalism, and more. The GradGuard Tuition Insurance program helps cover the cost of tuition and other related expenses in the event a student must withdraw from school for a medical disability or illness.
Upcoming Events

Becoming Soul Mates
January 15

Give the gift of happily ever after! SPU's premier marriage seminar provides practical insights for a lasting relationship. It's just $125 per couple. Learn more.
Family Weekend
January 20-22

Reconnect with your student and enjoy three days of fun activities on SPU's campus. Check out the Family Weekend 2011 schedule.


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