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Don't Miss This Class!


FencingWhat was your favorite class as a freshman? We asked current students and recent graduates to share some of their top picks for new SPU students. Here are a few classes that give new students useful skills and understanding. Plus, trying a mix of classes even can help students find their focus.

"I wish someone would've told me that it's okay to take classes just because they are interesting to you and not because they fulfill a requirement," says Katie Cress, a 2009 graduate in interior design. "If I would've explored a little more way back then, I think I might've ended up finding my interests and passions (like my minors) a lot sooner."

The Power of Logic

"I would recommend that all freshmen take 'The Power of Logic' (PHI 1001). Not only does it fulfill requirements, but the class teaches you about logic, arguments, and how to notice fallacies in others' arguments. Logic is a skill that comes in handy for every paper you will ever have to write and every class you take." — Nick Davies, 2010 graduate in philosophy

Jesus and the Church

"I've been a Christian since I was a little girl, so the required class called 'Introduction to Jesus and the Church' (UFND 1000) didn't excite me very much at first. But my lack of excitement was soon replaced by the joy of going back to the basics of my faith. The course taught me to see Christianity from others' perspectives and the importance of knowing who Jesus was, is, and will be." — Annie Mae Platter, fifth-year senior majoring in economics

Interpersonal Communication

Freshman should take 'Interpersonal Communication' (COM 1101). The class helps students understand basic communication, which in turn will help them throughout their four years at SPU. The professors are amazing, engaging, and helpful." — Ashley Cheney, 2009 graduate in communication/journalism

Beth Douglass, a 2011 graduate in communication/journalism adds: "It covers culture, perception, understanding others' viewpoints, minimizing arguments, conflict resolution, and much more. I gained so much understanding of my relationships with family and friends through the concepts taught in this course."

Introduction to Politics

"I highly recommend 'Introduction to Politics (POL 1110). This course is good for any student because it will provide basic writing and analysis skills. Not only are students exposed to political theory, but they gain knowledge about current events that pertain to government and politics." — Kaitlyn Broberg, 2010 graduate in political science

Animal Biology

Animal Biology

"For non-science majors looking to fill a science credit, I recommend taking 'Biological Sciences: Animal Biology' (BIO 1110). I finally felt like I understood the positives and negatives behind hot scientific topics like renewable energy, cloning, and stem cell research. Plus, we ended the quarter with a trip to the zoo." — Beth Douglass, 2011 graduate in communication/journalism

Public Speaking

"I recommend 'Public Speaking' (COM 1321) because students will learn so many ways to improve their public speaking skills. It's good to be exposed to writing speeches and practicing public speaking. It's something you can take with you wherever you go." — Tan Lo Saeteurn, senior majoring in psychology and communication

Community Bible Study

"I recommend students taking at least one 'Community Bible Study' (THEO 3100) during their time at SPU. They are unique classes with smaller workloads for those wanting to study the Bible in a casual, community setting outside of church." — Sydney Gates, junior majoring in nursing

Extracurricular Classes

"Freshman year it is vital to get involved in the SPU community. What better way than to simultaneously build a community network while earning credits? I would advise freshman students not to overlook extracurricular classes such as music classes like Gospel Choir or physical education classes like hiking, sailing, or dance." — Vicki Larson, 2010 graduate in exercise science

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