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Tales From the Streets: SPU Students Take the Plunge

What Action Will I Take?

By Zach Olson, a junior majoring in theatre

What are you supposed to do after spending five days on the streets, putting names to faces, and experiencing what it’s like to have people deny you the acknowledgment of your humanity? How can you not put what you learn into action after an experience like that?

For each person who has gone through Plunge, their resulting action will look different depending on who they are. Some are called to deny themselves and take up the cross of ministering directly with the homeless or prostitutes or runaway street kids.

Others are called to do what they can to implement change in our economy or our politics to make things better for a larger amount of people. And still others are called to teach and to serve the next generations, to nurture the roots of our world in order to prevent so much devastation in our own streets. To take action.

It's not just about homelessness. It's about creating change in our world. It's about seeing people through the eyes of Jesus and knowing that they, too, are loved. That they, too, are human. Urban Plunge is challenging me to take action.

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