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SPU Graduates: Ready to Engage

2009 SPU GraduatesIf today’s economy were a glass, would you see it as half empty or half full?

That’s the clichéd question college graduates are forced to face on some level. With unemployment at a 25-year high, is the economic landscape full of looming obstacles — or is it blooming opportunities to try new ways of doing things?

For many of SPU’s graduates, it’s probably a little of both. But a look at the plans of some recent SPU graduates suggests these newest alumni are ready to be flexible, creative, and collaborative in this less-than-secure work world.

That doesn’t surprise Les Steele, vice president for academic affairs. “We seek to develop students who are capable of critical thinking, communicating, and acquiring knowledge,” Steele says. “Our students tend to be active in seeking new ways to love God and neighbor. And they’re good learners.”

Whatever they do, from traveling the world and volunteering their time to finding a job or starting a company, this year’s graduates are ready to engage. “I pray God will use me in all situations,” says graduate Cory Deppe. “And help me apply my abilities and resources until His kingdom comes.”

Check out these profiles of three SPU graduates — just a glimpse into the outstanding lives SPU helps to shape.

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