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A Message From President Martin



Mariel Rieland

Your student will be back on campus in just a few days, and we are looking forward to the beginning of the academic year with great anticipation. Faculty and staff have been in preparation mode. We are setting our expectations high as we work to equip students for academic success.

Throughout your student’s time at Seattle Pacific University, there will be many chances for him or her to develop relationships with professors, peers, and mentors. These connections flourish here, and they can help your student grow intellectually and spiritually — and discover ways to influence our city and the world for good.   

From the start, students are exposed to this idea in a day-long program called “CityQuest,” where entering freshmen spend time in service to Seattle-area nonprofit organizations. They learn what these organizations do for our community and how to stay involved throughout the school year.

There is language etched in marble in Martin Square near the center of campus. It conveys our goal to graduate students who are scholars and servants, who will move from this place academically prepared and ready to engage the culture and change the world.

Our hope for our new and returning students is that they will catch a vision for a life of service in the professions they ultimately pursue, whether in science, the arts, social service, business, politics, ministry, education, or something else. Learning to interpret our world — and recognize its inequities and needs — is an important part of the Seattle Pacific educational experience. 

Best wishes to you and your whole family during this “back-to-school” season. We look forward to seeing you very soon!

President Daniel J. Martin


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