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The Signs of the Time

By Jeff Jordan, Dean of Student Life



It’s December and we see the signs of Christmas all around. The decorations; the music; the Christmas letters arriving in our mailboxes from all over the country.


Yes, our family sends one of those letters. In that letter, we share the main signposts of the year — new adventures, interesting places we visited, challenges, and accomplishments.


I must admit that I enjoy reading about what’s been going on in the lives of my family and friends who are hundreds of miles away. There’s a certain intentionality that occurs as we compile the events our family experienced over the past year. It doesn’t tell the whole story, but these signposts provide a glimpse into our lives with the hope of renewing connections in meaningful ways.

If your student were to write the letter of this past year, what would be the key signs of your student’s time at Seattle Pacific University?

As your student returns home for Christmas, I encourage you to find time to sit and listen to your student share the signs highlighting his or her Autumn Quarter. Hear about the new adventures, the struggles of being a college student, the joy of accomplishments, the development of new relationships, and the wonder of learning. As you listen, you’ll receive a glimpse into the signs of your student’s time, a Christmas letter of sorts.

May God richly bless you as you “read” all your Christmas letters.

Merry Christmas!

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