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SPU's International Service-learning and Mission Trips



Mariel Rieland

This summer, seven teams of students are spending time abroad with Seattle Pacific University’s SPRINT (Seattle Pacific Reachout International) program, learning and serving alongside community leaders in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Rwanda, and Vietnam. Though each trip is unique, the blog excerpts below highlight some of the themes common to all SPRINT trips: friendships, new understanding, and learning through service.

Rwanda: Connections are established and understanding grows.
“Thursday was Rwanda’s liberation day, marking the end of the 100 days of genocide 19 years ago. We visited a memorial site at a church where 7,000 people were killed during the genocide. We also visited the home of four women who were widowed in the genocide. It was an emotionally charged day, but hearing the women’s testimonies, and seeing their strength and faith, was inspiring.”

Dominican Republic: Meaningful work is accomplished as students support their hosts’ long-term vision.
“This morning we continued to work on the health history forms in Los Robles. We also got to attend Los Robles’ health club meeting, where members of the community meet to discuss the goals of improving health and sanitation. Our host is working to empower the community, developing leaders to work within their own village.”

Indonesia: Some funny things happen along the way, too.
“In Japan we bought an international power adapter that said ‘overseas.’ Apparently it meant overseas the other way, which means we bought an adapter to use in America.”

Haiti: As students return they’re inspired and challenged to grow.
“As excited as we are to be reunited with friends and family, Haiti has a special place in our hearts and it’s going to be hard to leave. The staff here is amazing, and they have done everything in their ability to make us feel welcome. At the same time they have challenged us in a variety of ways.”

Learn more about each of these trips through teams’ blogs. You can find links on SPRINT’s webpage.

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