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The Win-Win-Win of Work-Study Jobs


BaristaNow more than ever, families are searching for ways to pay for college.

That's where work study comes in. As a part of a financial aid award, many SPU students are offered the opportunity to participate in SPU's work-study program. With work study, wages earned at these jobs are paid directly to the student, and students are encouraged (but not required) to use the funds toward educational expenses.

Part-time employment is good for students

Studies show that working less than 20 hours per week while in school does not adversely affect a student's classwork. Students who work can gain employment experience and time management skills – both of which will benefit them after graduation.

In fact, the Washington State Higher Education Coordinating Board estimates that nearly one in five state work-study positions leads to permanent employment after graduation.

SPU promotes meaningful work experiences for students

SPU's Office of Student Employment aims to help students find well-paid work in positions that pertain to their vocational and academic interests. At SPU, we also aspire to help our students make a difference in our city and our world

Two (of many) job opportunities available exclusively to SPU work-study students this fall are:

  • Up to 12 students will be hired by the Washington Initiative for Supported Employment to assist people with developmental disabilities as they graduate from high school and transition into adult life and work. SPU work-study students will
    • Receive first-aid/CPR training.
    • Learn to effectively assist developmentally disabled individuals.M
    • Earn $11-13 per hour (transportation costs to and from work may also be paid).
  • Up to 10 students will be hired by Chief Sealth High School to tutor at-risk ninth graders. Regular contact with college students provides substantial motivation for secondary students, and high school success or failure is often determined by what happens during the ninth-grade year. SPU students can
    • Bring hope to our city.
    • Earn $12-15 per hour (and perhaps get reimbursed for travel expenses).

It's a win-win-win

With work-study jobs, SPU students gain meaningful work experience while also earning money to help pay for college. Area employers have the privilege of hiring outstanding students who want to make a difference in the world.

And the people being served by these organizations benefit from the skills and passion that SPU students bring to their work.

For more information about work-study and other student employment opportunities, contact SPU's Office of Student Employment.

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