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SPU Students Compete to Become Fulbright Scholars

By Margaret Diddams


SPU classroom

The Fulbright Program is a prestigious scholarship that honors students who have graduated from college or who are currently in graduate school to study in a different country for a full year, all expenses paid.

This nationwide program is highly competitive, offering grants to either teach English, or conduct research in a chosen location abroad. Last year two SPU students were selected and are currently working abroad as Fulbright scholars: Ben Gown who is studying music education in Brazil, and Rebecca Graham who is teaching English in Taiwan.

We are also pleased to announce that two SPU seniors were honored with scholarships this year. Harrison Dietzman has received a scholarship to teach English in the Slovak Republic. Ruby O'Connor has received a scholarship to go to Turkey. Melissa Steffan was named a finalist to teach English in Germany.

These students are examples of SPU's academic rigor and excellence, and the success our graduates achieve. The Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development is proud to come alongside those students applying for a Fulbright Scholarship to help them prepare the strongest possible application. Learn more about the Fulbright Program.


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