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Five Years and Counting: One Graduate Reflects

SPU Alumna, Jessica IvaskaAfter tassels have been turned and diplomas mailed, life takes on a different meaning. It’s surprising to think that just five years ago I was a new Seattle Pacific grad, wondering how to make it in the “real world.”

As an SPU parent, you may be wondering what resources SPU provides for students as they venture away from campus. I can tell you with confidence that SPU prepared and supported me on my career journey in many ways. Here are just a few:

A Wealth of Resources
I received access to incredible resources through the Career Development Center (CDC). With no idea where to start, I found CDC ready to help me with everything from résumé writing to interview tips.


Career counseling is free for current students and alumni within one year of graduation. After the first year, each graduate is entitled to one free appointment per academic year.

A Fantastic Education
Having SPU on my résumé has greatly benefited me. I discovered many open doors thanks to SPU’s remarkable reputation. Now, while growing my own business, I consistently hear “Good for you!” or “Great school!” when clients learn my alma mater. Your student will have this advantage for years to come.

A Place of Discovery
An education at SPU allowed me to recognize my assets and learn to set myself apart. Because SPU embraces diversity, I was taught how my uniqueness would benefit me in all aspects of life — especially on my career path.

A Place to Nurture Dreams

As a senior, I wrote an essay pleading with God, “I want to be a writer.” The words conveyed my earnest prayer to Professor Luke Reinsma, who responded by writing, “You already are,” on my paper. The encouragement of SPU professors enabled me to step into the job market with confidence and helps me continue to dream big.

After working at a few jobs, my husband, Erik, and I started our own communications company Colvos Creative LLC. Thanks to a great education, and nurturing community, I have the resources I need to succeed. As a parent, you can rest assured that by the time your student graduates, they will too.

By Jessica Gilroy Ivaska, SPU Class of 2003

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