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Welcome From the Parent Council

Linda RowenSPU Parent Council mission: To create a vibrant parent community at SPU, one that develops life-long relationships among parents and with the University.

Welcome all parents to this exciting new academic year at Seattle Pacific University!

I hope you've enjoyed a wonderful summer filled with memorable moments. As we step into this new year together, it's with great enthusiasm that I introduce the SPU Parent Council and its exciting events and programs for 2009–10.

The SPU Parent Council — sponsored by Alumni & Parent Relations — is comprised of 24 active parents of full-time SPU undergraduate students representing 2nd–4th year students. Our objective is to create a vibrant parent community at SPU by encouraging parents to be informed, engaged, and connected. Parents make a difference!

Parent Council

New Events

I hope you will join us for the following new events that the SPU Parent Council will be hosting this year:

  • "SPU Mom's Day: Sharing the Journey": November 7, 2009. Moms won't want to miss this opportunity to step onto campus and share their son's or daughter's experience at SPU. The day includes a brunch with SPU First Lady Sharon Eaton, residence hall open houses, soccer and volleyball events, and much more. Registration begins September 29. Find out more!
  • SPU Dad's Day: Spring 2010. Dads and their students will join SPU President Philip Eaton for a fun day at a professional sporting event. Look for information about this wonderful day for dads later this fall.

Parent Connection Dessert

If you are a new Seattle Pacific University parent this Autumn Quarter, the SPU Parent Council looks forward to meeting you at the Parent Connection Dessert at 7 p.m. on September 24 in Upper Gwinn Commons. For more details, check out the new student and parent orientation schedule.

There are numerous opportunities to stay informed, be engaged, and keep connected with the SPU community. So join us for the journey!

Looking forward to meeting you this fall!

Linda Rowan
SPU Parent Council President

The SPU Parent Council Suggests

  • "SPU Mom's Day: Sharing the Journey": November 7. An exciting new event hosted by SPU Parent Council. Registration begins September 29. Find out more.
  • Homecoming and Family Weekend: January 28–30, 2010. Sponsored by Student Programs and Alumni and Parent Relations. Mark your calendar and check back for updates.
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  • Parent Ambassador Volunteer. SPU parent volunteers are ambassadors sharing an active interest in the University mission. Interested in investing your gifts and talents in the SPU community? Contact us.
  • Engage Events. Participate in a series of special events designed to entertain, educate, and engage.