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Welcome, Parents!

SPU Parent Council mission: To create a vibrant parent community at SPU, one that develops life-long relationships among parents and with the University.

Marie AndersonAs chair of SPU’s Parent Council, I want to extend a warm welcome to both the new and the returning parents who are part of the Seattle Pacific University community. We know your student will experience tremendous learning, spiritual growth, and authentic community at SPU.

Family History

My family members are Falcons, through and through. I graduated in 1986, my husband in 1985, and we both studied in the School of Business and Economics. Our son, Ben, finished his degree in 2012, and he also studied finance and marketing. Our daughter, Kate, will be a junior this year, studying communications.  She is very involved on campus as a tour guide, an admissions counselor intern, and now as a peer advisor in Ashton Hall. Kate is the 20th person in our extended family to attend SPU!

The Parent Council is eager to connect with you as together we guide our college-aged students into adulthood. I want new parents to feel especially comfortable leaving their students at SPU. I know both my children have very different personalities, and both have loved their college experience for different reasons. They have flourished here ande participated in very different activities. It’s a testament that SPU has something for everyone.

I have a few words of advice about sending children off. Giving our kids space — even though we lived just a few miles away — meant they had the freedom to fully explore the rich community of the University and adjust to life as a student. If you live nearby, try not to visit for the first few weeks. A weekly phone call is nice, but when you see them in person after a month of independence, you’ll be amazed at their growth.

Get Involved

There are several special events the Parent Council hosts during the year where you can experience a taste of campus life with your student, meet other parents, and hear firsthand from SPU staff and administrators how your student is, "Engaging the culture, changing the world."

Events include:

SPU Mom's Day. On November 2, 2013, you moms can visit SPU's campus, join in fun activities with your son or daughter, and get to know other moms. Watch your email for more information this autumn.

Homecoming Weekend. During January 30 – February 1, 2014, parents can join the larger SPU family, and reconnect with their students during a range of events, including Falcon basketball games, theatre performances, the entertaining Student Talent Show, and the always-popular Homecoming Luncheon.

SPU Dad's Day. Held each April, pending the Seattle Sounders FC schedule, this popular event brings together dads and their daughters and sons for a kick-off breakfast, a day of activities, and an electrifying Seattle Sounders soccer game.

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Marie Anderson
SPU Parent Council Chair

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