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The Importance of This Place

President Eaton talking with studentsGreetings to you this wonderful holiday season. It’s hard to believe we’ve wrapped up another academic quarter and that the end of the calendar year is also upon us.

As I reflect back on Autumn Quarter, I realize I’ve never been more energized about what’s going on all across our marvelous campus. I’ve been in my position as president of Seattle Pacific for 14 years, and I think I’ve never seen things better.

Building Excitement

Something very exciting is in the works. Faculty members are digging into their work and making a tremendous difference both on our campus and around the world. They’re publishing important books and conducting cutting-edge research. They are devoted teachers.

Staff members are involved in comprehensive planning for the future of this place. And students are engaged and curious, working hard to catch a vision for what their lives can be.

I’m delighted to see our students so eager to make an impact on the world, and pleased that they are using the tools of this great university to make that happen. I’m delighted as I see our students dig deeply into research, launch new clubs and organizations, and immerse themselves in the sea of opportunities available for spiritual growth through our University Ministries programs.

The Place Where World Change Begins

Great things are happening here. Indeed, as I have been saying all quarter: Seattle Pacific is the place where world change begins. This is it — these classrooms, these residence halls, these facilities, our precious Tiffany Loop — this is where your sons and daughters are crafting a vision for a life that is both productive and meaningful. This is our goal.

We think these students can change the world! And that’s a big deal, a very distinctive vision for this place.

Stay Tuned

We are launching a major strategic effort to further increase the excellence, influence, and effectiveness of our work at Seattle Pacific. We want parents to be a part of this exciting new venture, and we will be in touch with you about this in the weeks and months ahead.

May God bless you and your family during this Christmas season as we lift up the center of it all, Jesus Christ, the long awaited hope for all the world. What a time of joy and wonder and mystery it is because we know there is a center.

We’ll be in touch in the days ahead.

Philip W. Eaton

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