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The Place Where World Change Begins

President Eaton talking with studentsI love this time of year. I think our campus may be at its most beautiful. Trees are turning bright shades of autumn colors, and all our facilities are prepped and ready for students to arrive.

Something else is happening here, too. There is a great sense of anticipation on campus.

Faculty members are finalizing course syllabi and contemplating fresh ways to challenge and inspire students. Student Life staff are putting finishing touches on programs which promote learning both in and out of the classroom. Administrators are clearing out distractions and honing in on vision-centered work.

We are all eager for these wonderful new and returning students to set foot on campus.

Our Guiding Vision

As we head into fall, I've been thinking a great deal about this place that we call Seattle Pacific. What is it that makes this campus — these buildings, trees, classrooms, residence halls, study spaces, locker rooms, and more — so special? What is it that motivates families to make such sacrifices to send their students here?

I believe that something is change. This is indeed the place where world change begins. Our clear and compelling mission at Seattle Pacific is at the center of all we do: Our vision is to engage the culture and change the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

When you send your student to SPU, you can expect change. This is a season of rapid development for your son or daughter — and we want to provide for these students a vision for how they can become leaders, how they can become people who change the world. We will come alongside your student, encouraging and guiding him or her through this season of change.

Stay Tuned

We are launching a major strategic effort on campus this year to further increase the excellence, influence, and effectiveness of our work. We are building on a tremendous track record of success and accomplishment. Stay tuned — you will hear more about this from me in the weeks and months ahead.

For right now, know this: We are partners with you in this wonderful educational process that is taking place for your student. I'm confident that Seattle Pacific University will be the place where world change begins. You can count it.

Philip W. Eaton

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