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Three Keys to an Exceptional Education

President EatonEducation — at all levels — is a hot topic right now.

Debates are raging about school reform, education budgets, which academic subjects are most important, the value of higher education, and more. I've been involved in many such conversations, and recently served on a lively panel with the Seattle City Council on ways to prepare high school students for college.

So with all these opinions swirling around, what makes me so confident that the education we offer at SPU is both exceptional and cutting edge? Let me share a few of my convictions with you.

We Are Innovative

We are responsive to what's happening in the world, and we provide a truly relevant education for our students.

Faculty members here are involved in research projects that address real-world challenges: enhancing student learning in the sciences, empowering business people to lead with integrity, helping individuals with severe mental illness, and more.

Every day, SPU faculty members and students dig deeply into real-life issues — with the Christian story always at the heart of their conversations.

Teaching Is a Priority

Although our faculty members engage in a variety of research projects, we are a teaching university. Faculty members at SPU are passionate experts in their fields, and are gifted at engaging students deeply in what they know. We place a high value on this sometimes magical encounter between faculty members and students.

We Have Stellar Faculty

Our faculty members hail from all over the world, bringing global perspectives to the classroom. Many of our faculty members have received awards for their outstanding teaching and research projects.

And all of our faculty members have chosen to teach at Seattle Pacific because they believe wholeheartedly in SPU's vision to engage the culture and change the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What a privilege it is to be a part of this premier, national, Christian university. I believe that our academic programs — and our faculty — truly are exceptional. I trust that you agree.

Philip W. Eaton

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