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Faculty Advisors & Undergraduate Academic Counselors

Your Student’s Academic Support Team

To foster your student's successful academic experience, we assign two important people to each student: a faculty advisor and an undergraduate academic counselor.

These two professionals support students in different ways. The following is a quick review of their roles.

Faculty Advising: The Key to a Successful Academic Experience

The Role of a Faculty Advisor
Faculty advisors help students navigate SPU’s academic system and fulfill their educational goals. Faculty advisors also approve class registration for freshmen and students not formally admitted to a major. Most often, faculty advisors help students:

  • Clarify academic and career goals.
  • Explore areas of interest.
  • Select classes each quarter.

While faculty advisors guide students through the academic advising system, students are responsible for contacting their faculty advisor for assistance.


Receiving a Faculty Advisor
Faculty advisors are assigned to all new undergraduate students.

Freshmen are advised by their University Seminar professor during their first year. During Spring Quarter, freshmen are encouraged to request a new faculty advisor in their area of academic interest.

Transfer students are assigned to a faculty advisor in their designated area of interest. New students are notified of their advisor assignment before they register for their second quarter of classes at SPU.

Students may request a change in advisor, particularly if they pursue a major or develop different interests. Students can request this change in the Banner Information System, under the Student Menu » Academic Progress Menu.


Registration Approvals by a Faculty Advisor
Undergraduate students not yet accepted into a major must see a faculty advisor each quarter to receive permission to register.

  • Incoming freshman and sophomore transfers are expected to apply for a major and request a major advisor no later than April of their sophomore year.
  • Transfer students who enter as juniors or seniors should apply for a major before completing 30 SPU credits.

Once students have been accepted into a major, they are encouraged to continue to meet with their faculty advisor on a consistent basis.

Undergraduate Academic Counseling: The Key to Successful Degree Completion

Every student is assigned an academic counselor in Student Academic Services. The academic counselor follows the student’s progress from admission through graduation.


How Does the Undergraduate Academic Counselor Help?
An undergraduate academic counselor helps students and supports faculty members. Most often, the counselor

  • Plans and facilitates the Orientation program for incoming students.
  • Advises students during their first quarter at SPU.
  • Evaluates transcripts for incoming transfer students.
  • Approves courses for continuing students planning to study abroad or at another U.S. school.
  • Completes graduation checklists.
  • Helps award honors and degrees.

Undergraduate academic counselors are also responsible for assisting students on academic probation.

Each student is ultimately responsible for meeting all academic and graduation requirements, although SPU assists them by providing supportive faculty advisors and academic counselors.

Encourage your student to contact his or her faculty advisor or academic counselor at any time with questions or concerns.


Note: Faculty advisors and academic counselors may discuss details about student's grades and academic progress only with the student.