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The Perkins Center seeks to be a national and international resource for reflection and scholarship through its online journal.

Current Issue

Perkins Perspective Spring 2014Spring 2014

Volume 6, Issue 3

The Spring 2014 Perkins Perspective includes:

  • As he prepares to step into a new role, the executive editor’s look back on six years of The Perkins Perspective.
  • A look at diversity in health care and how Seattle Pacific University’s mission fits into it.
  • A review of neuroscientist Carl Hart book that challenges what we know about drugs and society.
  • A look at what we can learn from HBO’s award-winning show, The Wire, and more in this issue.




Past Issues


Winter 2014
Volume 6, Issue 2


How concierge medicine can be a bridge from poverty to health; why one clinic added behavioral health providers to its primary care team; why young black men need to be set up to succeed; and more.


Autumn 2013
Volume 6, Issue 1


A white mom on parenting her black children; a son remembers a father's example during a West African civil war; how hip-hop and the mesage of Christ meet; and more.


Spring 2013

Volume 5, Issue 3

Singer Sam Cooke teaches a teen about justice; a grandmother teaches some teachers a thing or two; why one paster decided to stop arguing about the age of the Earth, and more.


Winter 2013Winter 2013
Volume 5, Issue 2


A white professor on 40 years of teaching ethnic American literature; health care and social justice; how camels are participating in reconciliation in the Middle East, and more.



Spring 2012Autumn 2012
Volume 5, Issue 1


The meaning behind depictions of Christ as a Caucasian; two takes on the book The Color of Christ; using basketball to overcome gun violence; book reviews, and more.



Spring 2012Spring 2012
Volume 4, Issue 3


MAPS support of future health care providers of color; a fourth grader's letter to a city councilwoman; Tent City 3's lasting impact on SPU; book reviews, and more.



Winter 2012Winter 2012
Volume 4, Issue 2


Gentrification; stregthening advsor/student ties to benefit community developemnt; Tent City 3 on the Seattle Pacific University campus; and book reviews.



Autumn 2011Autumn 2011
Volume 4, Issue 1


The church's response to youth violence; the work of a chaplaincy program; poetry from teens; the hip-hop culture since 9/11; and book reviews.



Spring 2011Spring 2011
Volume 3, Issue 3


Missions and America's Native peoples; two important scholars visit Seattle Pacific; reconciliaiton among youth; India; and reviews of Losing My Cool and Pecular Institution.

Winter 2011Winter 2011

Volume 3, Issue 2


Reconciliation and eternity; Urban Plunge; business owners uniting against gang violence; teaching in Cambodia; and reviews of The New Jim Crow and The Soul of Hip Hop.



Autumn 2010Autumn 2010

Volume 3, Issue 1


A book group and The New Jim Crow; Q&A with scholar and hip-hop theologian Daniel Hodges; Cambodia's killing fields; and reviews of Watch This! and more.


Spring 2010Spring 2010
Volume 2, Issue 3


God and suffering; leadership forms and voids; reconciling with an outlaw past; and reviews of Whatever It Takes, The Hole in Our Gospel, and Freedom's Teacher.


Winter 2010 Winter 2010
Volume 2, Issue 2


Mourning and the big picture; post-apartheid efforts; a young girl's life-changing meeting; a new light shines; and reviews of Sub-Merge and You Can't Say You Can't Play.


Autumn 2009Autumn 2009
Volume 2, Issue 1


The burden of blackness; remembering a leader; D.A.D.S.; Michael Jackson's vision; and reviews of Talking to Stangers and Reflections on The Origin of Proslavery Christianity.


Spring 2009Spring 2009

Volume 1, Issue 3


Reconciliation behind bars; the infamous Tuskegee Study; today's slave trade; adoption and reconciliation; and reviews of The Dangerous Act of Worship and more.


Winter 2009Winter 2009

Volume 1, Issue 2


Birth of a new teacher; an interracial family;the CCDA Student Leadership intensive; photographer Lisa Russell; and a review of Henry's Freedom Box.



Autumn 2008Autumn 2008

Volume 1, Issue 1


Why an e-newsletter from the John Perkins Center at SPU; W.E.B. Du Bois; emerging leaders; the power of "we"; the truth behind short-term missions; and a review of O2.