The Perkins Perspective: Winter 2009


Volume 1 | Issue 2


Tali Hairston - Director of John Perkins CenterJPC Director’s Note
I, like many others, recognize and appreciate the historic nature of the election of Barack Obama in the same year that we celebrate the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.

Winter 2009

Monica GrovesThe Birth of a Teacher
When Monica Groves was 18 years old, she wasn't sure what direction her life was headed. But she never guessed she'd be headed to the front of the class -- to teach. Winter 2009


Max's Two CentsMax’s Two Cents

I have been baffled when pondering our interracial family’s ability to mingle with just about everyone, and yet the city has enduring racial divisions ... Winter 2009

The Urban Scene

Urban Youth Leadership AcademyThe Process of a Developing Leader
The Urban Youth Leadership Academy believes leadership ability isn't something we're born with. Instead, it's taught, learned, and experienced. Winter 2009


A StudentServes God In the West Duwamish Greenbelt
Last year, junior Danielle Link transferred to Seattle Pacific University. She has already participated in five service-learning day outings with John Perkins Center programs. Winter 2009


The CCDA Student Leadership Intensive
The Urban Youth Leadership Academy equips students to become thinkers. Developing the skills for critical thinking begins by establishing a new language centered on faith, identity, and leadership. Winter 2009


The Global Outlook

Lisa RussellListening to Lisa Russell: Behind the Camera

"The baby is not breathing." It was one of the most disturbing statements I heard while shooting my documentary film Love, Labor, Loss in Niger … Winter 2009


Short-Term Missions in a Flat World (Part 1): Lessons From the Monkey and the Fish

The world has not only become smaller, but it has also become interconnected. … I am wondering how living in a flat world will alter short-term missions. Winter 2009

Book Review

Henry's Freedom BoxHenry’s Freedom Box
A lush children’s book tells the true story of Henry "Box" Brown, who mailed himself North to freedom. Winter 2009