The Perkins Perspective: Autumn 2010


Volume 3 | Issue 1


Tali Hairston - Director of John Perkins CenterJPC Director’s Note:
Changing Focus in Our World Today
Autumn 2010


Without addressing the liminal -- the barely perceptible -- can we be sure that our actions are in the best interest of those we seek to serve?

The New Jim CrowJPC Summer Book Group Takes on The New Jim Crow

Autumn 2010


This summer a number of us from SPU and from around the city participated in a challenging and dynamic book group.


Regaining a Mutuality in MinistryRegaining a Mutuality in Ministry
Autumn 2010


God might have a plan to use the person being helped to shape the lives of those who’ve come to help.


Q&A With Daniel White HodgesQ&A With Daniel White Hodges: The Neo-Civil Rights Movement
Autumn 2010


After the the Oscar Grant incident, I asked Professor Hodges to elaborate on his thoughts about a neo-civil rights movement.

The (Sub)Urban Scene

The Gift of ReconciliationThe Gift of Reconciliation
Autumn 2010

The further I enter into the gift of reconciliation, the more difficult it is to distinguish the sorrow from the joy.


The Global Outlook

The Journey Out of the Killing FieldsThe Journey Out of the Killing Fields

Autumn 2010


I was born in the jungles of Cambodia in 1979 during an atrocity known as the killing fields.


Summer UpdatesSummer Updates: Blogging and World Change

Autumn 2010


These students will ... “engage the culture and change the world” in ways that are both tangible and respectful.


Watch This! The Ethics and Aesthetics of Black Televangelism

Autumn 2010


What began as an essay in the Huffington Post by a Princeton University professor provoked a response from Christians around the country.

The Art of Critical Pedagogy: Possibilities for Moving From Theory to Practice in Urban Schools

Autumn 2010


While the intellectual snob might snicker at ... terms like “critical pedagogy,” these authors are not interested in joining the armchair theorizers.