The Perkins Perspective


Perkins Perspective Autumn 2011Autumn 2011

Volume 4, Issue 1

In this issue of the Perkins Perspective, you'll read features about the church's response to the rise in youth violence and about the work of a chaplaincy program with juveniles in the King Co. Detention Center.


You'll also read poetry from teens, read editor Max Hunter's comments on what he's seen in the hip-hop culture since the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and more.


Hip-Hop, Post 9/11Hip-Hop, Post 9/11
Editor's Note | Autumn 2011


"I had a theory. Following the attack on the World Trade Center, Middle Eastern men were feeling the same stigmatization as black men in the United States."


The War Against Youth Violence and IncarcerationThe War Against Youth Violence and Incarceration

Autumn 2011


In 2008, community members were reeling from the shock and grief of losing our youth to senseless violence and gang retaliations.


City and Church Unite to Prevent Youth ViolenceCity and Church Unite to Prevent Youth Violence

Autumn 2011


In 2008, five youth were shot and killed by other youth. This was the breaking point for a community that had seen levels of youth violence stay constant while other crime rates dropped.


Testimony of Urban Impact's Role in King Co. ChaplaincyTestimony of Urban Impact's Role in King Co. Chaplaincy
Autumn 2011


Urban Impact collaborates with King Co. Youth Chaplaincy to reach out to the young men and women at the Youth Detention Center in Seattle.


Sit, Pray, Listen A Poem: Sit, Listen, Pray
Autumn 2011


They say I’m angry, full of hostility and rage, but they never take the time to check the source of my pain.


The (Sub)Urban Scene

Cultural Preservation and Ministry in the CityCultural Preservation and Ministry in the City
Autumn 2011

In gentrifying communities nationwide, culturally specific programs are becoming passé in the minds of today’s “tolerant” and “open-minded” urbanites.


The Glo(cal) Outlook

Learning the Meaning of ReconciliationLearning the Meaning of Reconciliation

Autumn 2011


As a student leader and a staff member in the John Perkins Center at Seattle Pacific University, I engaged in a lot of conversations about reconciliation. But what does this word truly mean?



A Question of Freedom

Autumn 2011


A Question of Freedom tells the tale of a young man who was on the right track before he “walk[ed] away from a bad idea a minute too late” and was certified as an adult at age 16 for carjacking.

The Only Black Student

Autumn 2011


Told from the perspective of a black student, The Only Black Student is bound to stimulate some ire, head-scratching, sympathy, and illumination for its readers.