Honoring a Legacy: Let Justice Roll On

John M. Perkins

By Tali Hairston, Director of the John Perkins Center at SPU


History-making moments seem so frequent these days. Unfortunately all of these moments seem wrapped in tragedy and drenched in sadness. Why not retreat to distractions and hide under the haze of ignorance? One quote for me from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, answers that question.


Mr. Sam passionately pleads with Frodo in the darkest of hours of the journey to never give up because, "Some things are worth fighting for." In Frodo's world, this was not a reference advocating violence. Rather it was a statement of purpose declaring some things are truly worth the struggle.


For several years, we diligently worked to produce a world-class educational documentary on the life and legacy of Dr. John M. Perkins. We are excited to announce the documentary project is completed and Let Justice Roll On will premiere at 7 p.m., Monday, April 25, at Seattle Pacific University's Gwinn Commons.


Many hours went in to every aspect of the film out of a tremendous respect we have for the life, legacy, and person of Rev. Perkins and Vera Mae Perkins. Their contribution to the Christian faith and service to the rural and urban poor is a historic one.


This project was truly "worth fighting for." Not only so from the perspective of our respect for Rev. Perkins, but also because this documentary is in and of itself historic in many ways. How you ask?


Is there another ethnic-minority Christian leader the church, in all of its diversity, who has been honored as such in his or her lifetime? Even if we were to seismically amend history and include Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Sojourner Truth, or Ella Baker, we are left with approximately 60 years of silence from the Christian community. That has now changed.


In 1976, legendary Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield called Perkins a "modern saint." Perkins was also named Mississippi "Man of the Year" in 1980. Seattle Pacific University has also chosen to not be silent. Join us in breaking the silence as we honor the life and legacy of one of America's great Christian leaders.


Ways to join in

Get your copy of the new documentary. Let Justice Roll On will be available for purchase by organizations, churches, and schools. Visit spu.edu/perkinsfilm for details.


Monday, April 25

Premiere of Let Justice Roll On

7 p.m. | Upper Gwinn Commons

A documentary about the life and work of John M. Perkins and Vera Mae Perkins, presented by Seattle Pacific University in association with the John M. Perkins Foundation. A 5 Palms production.


Tuesday, April 26
Perkins Annual Lecture

9:30 a.m. | First Free Methodist Church

John M. Perkins will give his annual Perkins Lecture at this special Seattle Pacific Chapel.


Tuesday, April 26

Community Forum
1 p.m. | Demaray Hall 150, SPU

A Community Forum, including John Perkins, author Shane Claiborne, Darrell Guder from Princeton Theological Seminary, and SPU Professor of English Kim Segall.




Tali Hairston

Tali Hairston has guided the Perkins Center at SPU since its founding in 2004. He is leading Seattle Pacific in a comprehensive initiative born out of a dream and a partnership between SPU President Philip Eaton and the legendary reconciliation advocate Dr. John Perkins.


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