The Perkins Perspective


Perkins Perspective Spring 2012Spring 2012

Volume 4, Issue 3

In this issue of the Perkins Perspective, you'll read features about "MAPS" and discover how it's supporting future health care providers. You can take a look back at Tent City 3 on the SPU campus, and read what a fourth grader had to say to a city council member about kids and poverty.


You'll also find a column from Perkins Center director Tali Hairston, and book reviews about Def Jam and the man who conspired against Hitler.

From the Director

Hip-Hop, Post 9/11Questions of Life, Justice, and Hope
Spring 2012


The death of young people weighs heavy on any community. Specifically, the grieving parents lament the loss of a life in ways others can only imagine.


MAPS and Pre-Health StudentsMAPS and Pre-Health Students: Keep Going

Spring 2012


"A group of like-minded students from different backgrounds can seize their own power, and use their own collective voice, to take charge of their learning as future health providers."


MAPS: First FruitsMAPS: First Fruits

Spring 2012


"... it wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school, after interacting with a general surgeon, that I discovered such a career and began my pursuit of medicine."


MAPS: Finding DirectionMAPS: Finding Direction

Spring 2012


"... my mother was diagnosed with two serious chronic illnesses. ... As the years passed, I became driven to become the kind of doctor I’d always wanted my mother to have."

The (Sub)Urban Scene


Tent City 3Tent City 3: What Did It Mean?
Spring 2012

"... residents of the homeless’ encampment became part of the campus community ... . But what does this all mean? What will be the long-term impacts of Tent City 3's visit to SPU in Winter 2012?"


On Poverty: Letter From a Fourth GraderOn Poverty: Letter From a Fourth Grader
Spring 2012

"Over winter break, I've been studying about poverty to learn how being poor affects children. I wanted to share what I've learned about Washington and ask a few questions ..."


The Glo(cal) Outlook

Down, But Not Out, in TijuanaDown, But Not Out in Tijuana

Spring 2012


"We had caught an early morning flight from Seattle to San Diego, and once we touched down, we packed a truck with luggage and lumbered across the border into Tijuana."



Def Jam Recordings: The First 25 Years as the Last Great Record Label

Spring 2012


"Those of us immersed in hip-hop culture know that MC’ing involves an incredible amount of braggadocio. We also know that if LL Cool J’s ego is large enough to deserve its own zip code, then Slick Rick’s would ..."


Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

Spring 2012


"In a sense, the underlying question of the whole book is: How could a man of deep Christian faith, who held human life to be sacred, conspire to kill a man in cold blood?"


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