The Perkins Perspective

Autumn 2013
Volume 6, Issue 1

This edition of The Perkins Perspective ushers in the fifth year of its publication. In 2008, at the gathering of Northwest Christian ministry and church leaders, Tali Hairston, director of the Perkins Center, was asked a question: Can the John Perkins Center at Seattle Pacific University serve the region by championing on many fronts, including education? This online journal came as a response to that request.

Now 2013, the Perkins Perspective continues to offer the opportunity to “link, collaborate, and draw together those of a like mind regarding reconciliation and community development.” Our contributors continue to share their ideas, criticisms, information, and prayers. Our hope is that the Perkins Perspective will remain relevant for another half decade. Max Hunter, PhD, Editor


This Issue's Features

What Do We Tell Our Kids?“What Do We Tell Our Kids?”

Following the death of Trayvon Martin, writer and blogger Sharon Van Epps, the white mother of three black children, wrestles with how "to better teach my son the art, and the burden, of appearing innocent to others while going about his day."

Stand As My Father StoodStand As My Father Stood

After witnessing an attempted execution of his father during a West African civil war, Zeke Bambolo Jr. vowed to be kind of man his father was: a sacrificial leader. During the war, he writes, "Nothing served me better than God’s provision of my remarkable earthly father."



More on Reconciliation

Finding Jesus in “Juvi”

A chaplain with the King County (Washington) Youth Chaplaincy explains why his faith is growing along with the faith of the troubled teens in detention.

The Resurrection: A Shared Journey of Faith, Race, and Hip-Hop

Educator Edward Carson writes, "Both the message of hip-hop and the message of Jesus Christ are drawn together through a sense of spiritual reconciliation." 

Book Review

A Plague of Prisons Les Misérables

A look at Hugo's masterpiece, Les Misérables, and what it can tell us about the beauty of dependance.


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