The Perkins Perspective

Spring 2013
Volume 5, Issue 3

On April 4, Taproot Theatre founder and director, Scott Nolte, and I were interviewed on KING FM with Marta Zekan about the run of "The Whipping Man," a play for which our staff facilitated the cast training. You can listen to the interview podcast now.


Also enjoy this Spring 2013 issue of the Perkins Perspective and its features covering issues of reconciliation from a variety of voices. Tali Hairston, Director


This Issue's Features

What Does Justice Feel Like?What Does Justice Feel Like?

What does the great Sam Cooke have to do with justice? ... I learned as much about justice from this music as I did growing up the son of the village attorney who spent his career working to integrate Oak Park.

The Benefits of Culturally Responsive ClassroomsThe Benefits of Culturally Response Classrooms

Gram’s ability to use "culturally relevant pedagogy" to communicate her practical knowledge and sage teachings sparked my passion for lifelong learning. But when I began grade school, I experienced a different approach to schooling.




More on Reconciliation

Why Hope? Why Art? Why Now?

Families were living on piles of garbage .... And I’m arguing about the age of the earth? "No more," I said to myself.

Doing Time: Urban Education and Mass Incarceration

... rather than offering effective help to drug users, America arrests them and tends to dump them as waste to be isolated from the public.


Remembering Richard Twiss: A Heart for Reconciliation

Richard Twiss gave voice to an all too silent story in the church by calling us to listen to Native voices.


Book Reviews

A Plague of Prisons A Plague of Prisons

Drucker attempts ... to illustrate the efficacy of a public-health model through comparing our plague of prisons with the dynamics of a cholera outbreak in the Soho district of London in 1854.


The Colors of Hope The Colors of Hope

Dahlstrom expresses his growing frustration with an American Christianity that has become obsessed with determining “who’s right and who’s wrong.


Dust and Breath Dust and Breath

After accepting an associate pastor position in Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. Scott Morris established the Church Health Center, a ministry that today serves more than 40,000 patients a year.


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