Justice Speaks Forum: Holla If You Hear Me Tour


The Perkins Center is pleased to invite the Holla If You Hear Me Tour to the 2012 John M. Perkins Lecture Series.

Brownie PointsJustice through Story: The African American Male Story

The African-American male story is a tale of both striking progress and shocking stagnation. Although a legal framework provides a "forensic" participation in the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; statistics reveal how woefully short of these ideals so many African-American men and boys remain. It begins to tell the painful story of the ongoing struggle against injustice.

The aim of the tour is to awaken people to this reality, inviting them into robust discourse and to explore both spiritual and practical solutions.

Tour at a Glance

The Holla If You Hear Me Tour is the telling of the African-American male story through the disparate, but blended voices of five African-American men of varied backgrounds and disciplines, united in the desire to bring mercy and justice to the African-American male experience. The tour was born out of a response these men received at a panel session for The Justice Conference 2012 in February.

Through a multi-creative approach that includes discussion, spoken word, and audience interaction, the institutional and systemic veil will be pulled back that has allowed injustice to survive even the great gains of the freedom struggle of the 60s.

This story of the nature of the African-American male and his unique struggle for equity and justice is set against the complex intersection of spirituality, race and culture in American life. An attempt is made to connect this story to the broader human quest for worth, identity and significance. This 90 minute presentation is a humble offer and honest critique of both civil society and the church in addressing these needs in the world.

Justice Speaks Forum

Holla If You Hear Me Tour

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1:00 p.m., Demaray Hall 150

Let Justice Roll OnLet Justice Roll On: The Life and Legacy of John M. Perkins

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