Latreia's Seattle Story

Students can join Latreia for Seattle Story overnight to learn from and volunteer with World Relief. Dinner, breakfast and lunch provided, as we hear from World Relief representatives and work in their community garden space


5:00 pm Friday, January 23 - 2:00 pm Saturday January 24


Urban Involvement Teams

Contact a team leader and join one of our Urban Involvement teams serving and learning with our Seattle area site partners weekly.



Chapel & Seminar with Rev. Dr. William Barber

SPU hosts Dr. Barber rescheduled for April 10, a seminar on Public Theology and Activism.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Chapel 11:10 am, First Free Methodist Church

Seminar 1:30-5:30 pm, First Free Methodist Church, Re-registering will be required if you already registered for the previous event date.

Rick Reynolds (Operation Nightwatch), Sharon Okamoto (Seattue Urban Academy), Pat Thompson (YES Foundation) and other great speakers are with us in chapel this quarter.


Move in day for TC3

SPU Engaging Homelessness:  Tent City 3

SPU campus is engaging homelessness this year through education, advocacy and partnering with Tent City 3.  TC3 is being hosted on campus November 18 - February 10.

Help with TC3 Move Out on Saturday, February 10.








Past Events


Justice Speaks! Student Leadership Event

April 2017, a two-day student leadership event engaging in areas of social justice, community development, and civic engagement through presentations, performances, and break-out groups from alumni, local leaders and artists.


Eleventh Annual Lecture Series: Paintings by Charles Ethan Porter

April 2016, a presentation and celebration of two historical works by African American artist Charles Ethan Porter (1847-1923) were donated to SPU's John Perkins Center by William Sacherek and Liselotte Lamerdin for the Center's tangible work of reconciliation with students and the community. The paintings now hang in the Ames Library on campus.

For Such a Time as This: the Challenges and Hope of Reconciliation

April 2015, SPU hosted an international conference presented by the Perkins Center in partnership with CBTE and ScholarLeaders International, exploring challenges and hopes of reconciliation with interdisciplinary scholars, visionaries, and leaders from around the world. 


Seattle Evangelicals for Racial Justice

Believing that the church needs to unite at a time when our country is so divided, we gathered in December 2014 to worship, pray, listen, encourage, and challenge each other.


Race in America After Ferguson

October 2014, Tali Hairston facilitated a dialogue with SPU faculty presenting a historical and theological context on the events of Ferguson and the struggles on race relations.  


Holla If You Hear Me Tour

2012 we hosted the Holla If You Hear Me Tour, inviting a robust discourse in spirituality, race and culture focusing through the struggle for equity and justice through the African American male story,